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Vocabulary - Core Anime Deck

63.56MB. 749 audio & 848 images. Updated 2021-08-21.
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Please, read the description before using the deck The goal of the deck is to teach the most frequent words used in anime, using only anime examples. I picked the most top rated, beloved shows (based on MyAnimeList) to teach you japanese, one word at a time. Each sentence only uses words you've seen before and each grammar point is explained before you see it. It can be used by beginners as soon as you know hiragna and katakana. This is the deck to use if you want to immerse in anime as soon as possible, because it follows a frequency list based on anime. However, if you want to learn grammar and vocab in order to pass the JLPT test, visit or work in japan, this is not the right deck. This spreadsheet will show you how much you'll understand for hundreds of anime by the end of the deck. If you've never used Anki before, you should check out my tutorial to set up Anki. It's still a work in progress, more cards will be added THE DECK The 2 most recommended decks are usually the core2K decks and the Tango decks. I hope this will improve on them, or at least give a valuable third option. Frequency List The core 2K uses a frequency list based on newspapers. The tango decks follow more or less the JLPT levels (there is no offcial list for JLPT). This deck will teach you the most frequent words used in anime instead. I used 2 different list to make sure the words are frequent but also present in various anime regardless of genre. You can see the list of anime selected for the frequency here. In the deck, both numbers are present: the first is the rank of how frequent the word is, the second is in how many anime the words appears (from all the anime in the list above). I didn't include words that appeared in less that 50% of the shows. +1 Order Like the tango deck, each card will only teach you one new word at a time. This will make sure no new sentence is too hard. Grammar lessons Unlike the tango decks, this one also teaches you grammar. A new grammar point will be explained in a grammar card before it's being used in the sentence in the vocabulary card. The grammar cards are based on my grammar deck, and you'll find 3 examples for each highlighting the grammar with explanations from various textbooks, including Genki, Bunpro ... The grammar cards use a different note type than the vocabulary ones, so if you don't want any, you can suspend/delete all the cards at once in the browser. Good audio Each card is taken from an anime, so it has native audio. I picked cards where the audio was clear to make sure you could easily understand the sentence. Useful screenshots If you tried the core decks you know the pictures were pretty random. The tango decks don't have any. Here, I picked cards where the picture should actually help you remember the word. It's not always the case though, and priority was given to the sentence and audio. Cards Selection I manually picked every single card to check all the above factors. I only used my own decks. 100 decks were created so I could use examples from all of them for this deck. The selection was based on the top rated, most favourited shows on MyAnimeList, with the addition or easy beginners shows to watch. Among those I usually picked examples from the firsts episodes to avoid major spoilers. Definitions The definition for the new word were added with the Migaku addon. In the back card, the website ichi.moe is embedded and will give definitions for each word in the sentence. HOW TO USE The deck and cards are based on my own preferences. But it is Anki, and you can modify anything you want from the deck. Modify the card template Don't hesitate to edit the card and modify the card style according to your preferences. If you don't want to have the screenshot on the front, simply delete the {{Screenshot}} on the front card template, or if you don't want the Morph on the front, delete
. The "Audio_Extra" is designed to add sound for only the new word if you want to. The code is pretty simple, so if you're not sure about how card templates work, just check the Anki manual, or contact me, I'll help you. The subdecks I divided the deck in 3 parts for visual presentation only. To mix reviews, you can move all the cards into the same deck. - The introduction are "lessons cards" to explain how the japanese language works: writing systems, sentence order. You can delete or suspend those cards once you read it. - The basics will introduce you to the basic grammar you need to get understand any sentence. Sentences will be very short as you barely know any vocab or grammar. - The third deck still introduces new grammar point via grammar cards, but the focus is now on vocabulary with longer sentences. Feel free to delete the introduction once read and put all the cards into one deck, without subdecks. The order of the cards won't change. The deck includes a Kanji dictionary pop-up (Anki V 2.1.35 only) Click on any kanji in the card to display the informations. You can edit which info you'd like or not in the card style, as seen on the gif from this page. You need to download my kanji deck to have the stroke order animated gifs. If you want to display / hide the sound button on the card, follow the same method. If you want to change the size of the pictures, just change the zoom % in the template. NOTES Duplicates The frequency list was created with Morphman and Mecab. I followed the logic that the user wanted to analyze his progress with Morphman by the end of the deck. So you can delete, suspend some cards that don't seem useful. You can always suspend them and tag them as Already known for Morphman. - Some cards will teach a same word written in different form. Ex: 本当, ほんと, ホント. - A lot of interjection. Ex: おっ, くっ ... - In some cases, I made 2 cards for one new word to cover different meanings. Ex: 聞く (listen), 聞く (ask). - Some words were not analyzed by Mecab so I created specific card: なんだ, なんで, 気をつける ... Don't modify with Morphman The cards are already in a +1 order. In the Morphman's setting uncheck the box for modify. When analyzing the deck, use the "Expression" field and not "Morph". The deck was also designed for that. Translation IMPORTANT: the english sentence is not a direct translation of the japanese sentence. It's simply the english subtitle used at that moment. HISTORY V2 - 11/08/2021 - Note type modified - Vocabulary cards added V1 - 11/03/2021 - Release OTHER DECKS - Study : Kanji, Grammar, Vocabulary - Reading: Manga (Yotsuba), Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest) - Listening : Anime, Pimsleur I've compiled all my resources in a website. You can find guides on how to study japanese, tutorials for Anki and Morphman, resources for learning with Anime, Manga and games, ordered by difficulty. If you have any issues or requests with deck, use the contact button, or you can reach me on Discord or reddit (Jo-Mako). Buy me a coffee

Sample (from 804 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
ID_CoreAnimeDeck 27
ID_Vocabulary A_DailyLivesofHighSchoolBoys_S01_E06_1338
Expression ごめん
English I'm sorry.
Reading ごめん
Morph ごめん
Definition ごめん 【御免】your pardon, declining (something), dismissal, permission
Frequency 185  98%
Info 名詞  普通名詞
Chronology 27
ID_CoreAnimeDeck 455
ID_Vocabulary A_Chi'sSweetHome_S01_E030_0934
Expression こんなに 食えるの
English I can eat this much?!
Reading こんなに  食[く]えるの
Morph こんな
Definition 【こんな】such (about something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or about ideas expressed by the speaker), like this
Frequency 364  96%
Info 形状詞  一般
Chronology 455
ID_CoreAnimeDeck 269
ID_Vocabulary A_KoenoKatachi_M01_0159
Expression 先生の話 本当なの?
English Was it true, what your teacher said?
Reading 先生[せんせい]の 話[はなし] 本当[ほんとう]なの?
Definition はなし 【話】talk, speech, chat, story, conversation
Frequency 130  97%
Info 名詞  普通名詞
Chronology 269

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on 1663745730
on 1659257154
on 1658579070
super good, changed my life. more decks to come, please.
on 1652325235
Very impressive job.
on 1649869316
Pretty good pre-made. Needs tweaking for personal preferences and would be nice if Mincho font was included in deck by default.

Fix used for Kanji pop-up not working in newer versions of Anki:

- Download jQuery minified 2.2.2 from https://releases.jquery.com/jquery/
- Rename file to _jquery-2.2.2.min.js and put in /collection.media folder.
- Copy and paste <script src ="_jquery-2.2.2.min.js"></script> to top of front and back templates for card types above other included scripts.
**First few cards/previews might not work properly but subsequent cards. I assume jQuery just needs time to load first and cards just load faster.**
on 1644417652
I have Anki V 2.1.35 and the Kanji pop-up works only when editing cards, not when reviewing or studying them
on 1639668220
An incredible deck!
Thank you for all the work you put into it, It clearly shows. And with every update, it's getting better. Wish you still had your Kofi or a Patreon, I'd love to support you.
on 1634016170
ok, thank you, I fixed it
Comment from author
Some like pictures in front, some don't. Some like the words written to practice reading, some like it as a hint only to practice listening skills.
I can't make a card style that suits everybody's preferences.

In Anki you can simply edit the card style and make the card looks like how you want to it look.
Replace {{hint:Morph}} with {{Morph}}, the word will be displayed (you aren't using the lastest version of the deck).
If you don't want the screenshot on the front, delete the field {{Screenshot}} on the Front card template.

If you have any issues with the deck you can contact me on reddit or discord like mentionned in the description, I'll help you.

Edit: Good to know.
on 1633716293
Nice! I was looking for something exactly like this!
on 1633505003
nice. thanks.
on 1631068220
on 1629645443
Very good deck overall, some cards are a bit confusing as a beginner when the english subtitle is not representative of the sentence. And its sometimes hard to fully understand some cards without more context. If some words are replaced with easier to understand cards, i think this would be the perfect beginner deck for someone wanting to watch anime.
Comment from author
I've been thinking of adding a field to give some info, context or explanation.
If you can contact let me know which cards gave you trouble, I'll be more than happy to modify them.
You can contact me on reddit, discord, or on ankiweb forum: https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/jo-makos-shared-deck/422
on 1629205101
Finished the updated version with more vocabulary. It's great, I really recommend it! Much better than Tango N5 where you learn so many "useless" words for a beginner. Great job as always!!
Comment from author
That's nice to read, because that was the goal.
A final update will come with more grammar lessons to make a complete anime course.
on 1628818150
Wowza this deck is superbly structured, thank you so much!

Updated: On iOS Anki is now complaining about the {{#*}} comment fields
"Front template has a problem: Found '{{#*}}', but there is no field called '*'.
Changing the comments to HTML <!-- and --> resoles this problem.
Comment from author
It's due to the Anki update.
You can redownload the deck, there's now more cards and the card template has been fixed.

Otherwise, you'll need to edit the card type and delete all the read me lines on the front and back.
on 1628512452
Great deck! One of my favorites to be honest ^^
on 1625956105
thanks so much
on 1625226771
You're amazing
on 1624534085
Too basic, audio was mumbled in many cases, and lots of "tutorial" cards that just got in the way. Deck wasn't large enough to actually teach anything. I like the format, but the content wasn't there.
Comment from author
- Which cards made you feel the audio wasn't good enough ? Feel free to contact on reddit or discord so I can improve the deck for everyone.

- The "tutorial" cards are meant to introduce grammar before they're are used in a sentence. If you think they get in the way, they have a specific note type, so you can just suspend all of them at once.

- It's still a work in progress, and I'm working on adding more content right now.
As mentionned in the description, the goal is to get you to understand anime as soon as possible, and learning this vocabulary is as good as learning genki 1 and 2 in that regard, thanks to using a frequency list.
on 1622884039
Oh my god !
on 1621854822
i really needed something like this as a beginner, thanks.
on 1618246480
This is a wonderful deck. Thank you for all your hard work putting it together. I'm finding it really helpful.
on 1617661078
Thank you so much for your work on this deck, and your thorough guide on Anki. They've both been extremely useful!

This deck is fantastically thorough, great for a beginner! Glad it's giving me exposure to material I'll be taking a deep dive with through texts.
on 1617126276
Great for starters!
on 1615928558
Great deck for beginners!
on 1615760860
Extremely helpful and well done, thank you!
on 1615670569
Good deck. But some of the NHK images aren't showing to me (31; 52; 53). It shows that image error icon.
Comment from author
You're right, the html code was missing the jpg file extensions.
It's been updated. It was just hiragana and katakana charts, you didn't miss much.
on 1615664611
Very helpful for beginners!
on 1615582819
Absolutely amazing, great effort!
on 1615558954
Nice way to shorten the time to meaningful immersion.
on 1615512702
Great deck for beginners looking to start watching anime. Though the issue with Core and Tango decks is that they get more specific as they go on, so the first hundreds of words aren't too different to this. Still very useful, particularly some of the grammar in it that might confuse you quite a bit when starting to watch shows.
Would probably recommend starting to sentence mine after this, particularly using frequency lists like the ones for Yomichan. Hopefully a longer version of this deck can be done in the future.
Comment from author
That's a fair point. This follows a anime frequency list so you'll reach the same level of anime comprehension with fewer cards.
So far, it's basically the same level as Genki with just 312 known morphs instead of 1360.
I made some calculations, you'll be on the same level as the Tango 5+4 decks with 500 known morphs, instead 2600. So it will be more efficient.

I'll update to reach at least those 500 known moprhs on Morphman.
I just want to create more decks first to have example from a wider range of anime.
on 1615507738
Very good deck please continue the good work =)
on 1615472833