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Replay buttons on card

<10kB. Updated 2017-11-20. Supports both Anki 2.0.x and 2.1.x.


Small add-on to add replay buttons on the card itself, the way AnkiDroid does it. This is mostly useful when you have more than one audio file on a card; with this you can replay individual files. See also the manual page. Report further problems at the support site or at github. Latest update (v 3.10): This works during reviews on Anki 2.1. The card styling editor and preview are on my to do list.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 2018-05-12
Awesome! This really should be the default in the Anki. It is so useful!
on 2018-05-12
it's working. thx
on 2018-05-09
Great feature!
on 2018-04-17
on 2018-04-11
on 2018-03-11
How this add on works? I entered a code and restarted the app but it's empty.
on 2018-03-09
on 2018-03-01
Great addon!

This should be default in Anki.

Please make it work in Anki 2.1
on 2018-02-04
on 2018-02-03
on 2018-01-31
on 2018-01-29
Very simple and easy
on 2017-12-20
Finally in 2.1.
Thank you!!
on 2017-12-13
on 2017-11-11
Great Add-on

on 2017-10-07
Needs to mention one thing

That by pressing the button R, the audio is replayed.
(Useful to save time, instead of clicking the icon, you just press R on the keyboard)
on 2017-02-08
Great add-on but new icon doesn't work on linux

Great add-on. Unfortunately, the new version doesn't work properly on Linux mint 18.1. The SVG icon doesn't appear and there is only blank space.
on 2016-11-22
Simple and straightforward

Does what it says and does it well. An essential add-on for anyone working with multiple audio samples per note.

Edit: Great update! Love the new SVG icon.
on 2016-09-30
Very useful

There is the SVG version of this add-on - https://github.com/ospalh/anki-addons/blob/develop/svg_play_button.py
To install it replace play_button.py with svg_play_button.py in Anki add-ons folder.
on 2016-09-23

This add on is amazing espescially if you have multiple video files on all of your cards. Thank you to the developer, highly recommend!
on 2016-09-13

Exactly what I needed. Since I am using a Russian keyboard to type answers, the "R" button is not available, and it is always a fumble to switch keyboards to and fro.
on 2016-08-09
So helpful

Thanks for this addon. This one helps a lot.
on 2016-04-30

It's exactly what I needed!
on 2016-04-04
Works great.

Works great.
Thank you :)
on 2016-02-03
Great for when you missed the pronounciation the first time

Works great. Easy as pie to install.
on 2015-12-31
Love this plugin! Simple, works great, solves a problem. 5/5. I recently installed anki on my new computer and I came here first thing to get this again.
Small issue, but it did force me to change the way my cards are organized. If you don't have an actual {{audio}} or whatever field, there won't be an replay button. Makes sense. For my decks, I usually put {{audio}} on the front side, and then when I flip the card, I don't usually use {{FrontSide}} but just make the back from scratch (because I don't want the front fields on there). But then I don't get the replay button! I didn't want to put {{audio}} on the back because I didn't want it to automatically play, but I had to do that and listen to the audio again, or use {{FrontSide}} and change the way I design the card. Just a bit annoying. That's probably a problem only I have though!
on 2015-12-30

on 2014-12-21
does what it should do!

simple. clean. works as advertised. and for using anki cards with multiple audio on a mac, a much needed feature. thanks for writing this!
on 2014-02-07
Great for when >1 audio file on a card side, also for playing audio from Forvo b

Very useful add-on for when more than one audio file is on a card side (e.g., different tenses and/or conjugations of one verb).

Also simplifies playing audio files for specific cards from the Anki browser for editorial purposes:
- click Preview in Anki browser (upper left)
- click the appropriate audio button (if needed, advance to the card side)
- click the appropriate audio button. Voila!

Before that I had to dig down into the collection.media folder to do this.

Nice job, thanks.
on 2014-01-30
Essential addon

I've been needing something like this for ages. But even though I saw it a while ago in the addons library, I misunderstood it to be an addon that replays the entire card with all the audio in it.

What this addon does is display a play button for all non-empty [sound:] fields on the desktop version of Anki. (This feature is already included in AnkiMobile and Ankidroid.)

These fields are invisible, so once the addon is installed, you need to position these "invisible" fields so that the play buttons show up in the right places.

You might also want to change the deck options (either globally/default, or for individual decks by creating a separate profile). It's the dropdown list next to each deck in the "home" page of Anki (the list of decks).

I've switched off autoplay. If you're going to duplicate the audio in the answer card then you might also want to switch off "replay audio on question card when displaying answer card".

If you have more than one audio file (e.g. for sample sentences) then this is an essential add that works perfectly just out of the box.

Thank you.