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Hebrew AlefBet (TeachMeHebrew.com)

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This deck is for learning the Hebrew AlefBet. It contains: -each Hebrew letter, -a voice recording of the letter by a native Hebrew speaker, and -the transliterated pronunciation and sound(s). For example, the letter ב is called "bet", but I note that it can make the sound [b] or [v]. The fields are Front, Back, and Sound, so you can change up the order if you want.

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Front ד
Back da-let[d]
Front צץ
Back tsa-di[ts]
Front ע
Back a-yin[-]

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on 1608687032
It is just what I need for now. Thank you.
on 1554841236
This is an ok start, and the audio is cool, but the deck is incomplete, as it doesn't distinguish between, e.g., bet and vet (with and without the dot). It also does not include written script. Look for "The Hebrew Alphabet" deck. That is a much more complete deck and a better way to learn the aleph bet.
on 1553619373
Great job! Thanks a lot!
on 1547439439
Great Straightforward deck! I added a Cursive Field and put a pic of letter in cursive. I use the scratchpad on my iPhone to practice handwriting!
on 1528243200
I've been praying for a site like this every since I discovered that I am a descendant of the twelve tribes of Yisrael and Shem... Baruch Ata YHWH!
on 1524182400
on 1520121600
Ok. 2018 might be the year I start to do this. Wish me luck!
on 1498176000
on 1470873600
on 1457136000
on 1400371200