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Portuguese Sentences

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This is a collection of Portuguese sentences, sorted from easiest (most simple) to hardest (most complex). This deck begins with very simple sentences, and slowly gets harder as you progress. -=-=-=-=-=- — Why study sentences? Memorizing the meaning of individual words... is pretty much pointless. If you want actual fluency, you need to see a word in as many example sentences as possible. That makes the language start to flow in your head. That shows you how to use the word. How it is combined with the other words. And many other things. We think that effort always converts into fluency. This is not true. If you memorize the meaning of individual words you won't get fluent and you will spend a ton of effort. But studying sentences is the real deal. Is the method of learning that actually converts effort to fluency. Get some basic grammar, some basic vocabulary, then just dive into sentences and more sentences until you're fluent. -=-=-=-=-=- https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/

Sample (from 3001 notes)

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Sentence Muito bonito. Muito bonita.
Sentence (English) Very beautiful.
Sentence (Search Field) Muito bonito. / Muito bonita.
Language Code pt
Language Portuguese
Sentence Eu vi-o. Eu vi-a.
Sentence (English) I saw it.
Sentence (Search Field) Eu vi-o. / Eu vi-a.
Language Code pt
Language Portuguese
Sentence E qual é?
Sentence (English) And what is it?
Sentence (Search Field) E qual é?
Language Code pt
Language Portuguese

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on 1630059659
Espero me sirva a aprender portugués
on 1627407569
Obrigado por seu trabalho MONUMENTAL em contribuir gratuitamente na comunidade de idiomas do Anki. Dei um positivo para todos os seus baralhos porque é como posso contribuir. De verdade, obrigado! Altruísmo é uma qualidade nobre que pouquíssimas pessoas possuem.
on 1619720530
I'm Braziilian, so portuguese is my native language, just out of curiosity I was checking this deck, and it is good and all, but the expression "Eu vi-o" (I saw him), is very strange to hear. It is in fact grammatically correct, but absolutly nobody never ever uses this form of portuguese, because, it is somewhat hard to pronouce (by hard I mean slow, and and complex), and not so easy to read. I just found that courious and have nothing against the work that was put into building this deck and the intention is great so, that's it
on 1614004671
excelente deck
on 1601091787
Muito bom!
on 1596668575
I really like it, good job, it helps a lot. thanks!!
on 1592858234
Thank you so much! This is very helpful, I love it!
on 1592110751
Thank you for this deck, I'm only halfway through but couple this with Duolingo and maybe Pimsleur and you're golden.
on 1589212638
Excellent introduction to Portuguese!

However, there are a few mistakes in the English translations, and some times mistakes in the Portuguese. My first language is English but I some times study with my Brazilian girlfriend who has noticed a few things. For instance, one of the cards says "Sou doente" which they translate as "I am sick". This is incorrect as it should be "Estou doente", as sickness is usually not a permanent or long lasting state. "Sou" implies a permanent or long lasting state and using it in this sentence would imply that the speaker has and will always be sick. But usually in Portuguese states of health are considered to be non-permanent or at least not long lasting. Perhaps the deck should be re-examined by the creator.

But like I say, there aren't many mistakes, and the mistakes that exist aren't that big and you would still be understood by Portuguese speakers, and would surely lose any bad habits after a while of speaking the language to native speakers.

It's a fantastic deck and has brought me very quickly to a basic understanding of Portuguese!
on 1588452286
It notes 15,000, but the list is ~1,000. Perhaps I'm missing something?
on 1588022257
Some of these translations are just wrong. Would be nice if a native speaker could clean some of this up.
Comment from author
Thanks for not giving a thumbs down!

You might be mistaking "idiomatic sentences" with "wrong translations".

For example:
The natural way of saying "Why should I care?" in Portuguese is: "And me with that?"
So in the card where the English is "Why should I care?", the Portuguese is: "E eu com isso?"

Other example:
The natural way of saying "You never know." in Portuguese is "Never itself knows."
So in the card where the English is "You never know", the Portuguese is: "Nunca se sabe."

Some example of idiomatic expressions in Portuguese:
on 1585531438
The sentence translations are not correct some of the time.
on 1578370926
Hey, Neri! I used to study Turkish with your sentences deck and I genuinely love the idea! Do you need any help with this deck? I'm a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and would love to revise the sentences and record audio. Hit me up if you're interested! joabesouza [at] hotmail.com.br :)
on 1553725504
audio content is always useful!
on 1549315981
I'm brazilian, the voice is awesome and the sentences are good too, the only thing that could be better is the english translation.
Nonetheless the portuguese part it's perfect.
on 1539185541
Very good
on 1536251838
Quality work! Much appreciated!
on 1536201838
Great resource! Thanks for sharing!
on 1515628800
Fantastic. Brazilian pronunciation.
on 1514937600
on 1511740800
Looks great. Is the pronunciation Brazilian or Continental?
on 1508803200
on 1508198400
on 1506124800
on 1505347200
on 1496966400
Muito bom

Deck ótimo, agora estou fluente em português huehuehue
on 1488499200
on 1487462400
on 1485648000
Exceptional Deck - please make available part2/3!

Really outstanding deck, allows you to learn portuguese by small steps. Unluckily part2 was deleted (I guess because it was deleted automatically because it was too big), please make it available again!
on 1485302400
I buy the app for $24 and can't even use it. I've tried downloading on my desktop several times it doesn't download and I try downloading online and nothing. It is not accessible especially for the outrageous price.
on 1481760000
on 1479081600
on 1473811200
Amazing deck

I liked a lot of this deck. Actually I'm learning english and I have many decks with common expressions in english but this deck is the opposite, so you have to think about the phrase in english based on portuguese audio. It's doing a great job on my mind. Thank you