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Bulgarian Cyrillic, with audio (www.bulgaro.io)

1.05MB. 29 audio & 30 images. Updated 2018-07-26.


The Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet, including: - Audio demonstrating proper pronunciation by a native speaker - Cyrillic letters in print and cursive fonts - Extra fields such as the IPA notation, should you wish to include it in your cards If you're learning Bulgarian, learn the Cyrillic alphabet from a proper Bulgarian Cyrillic deck. Remember that the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet is different from the Russian one! Bulgarian Cyrillic is in fact the original Cyrillic alphabet, from which many variants (including the Russian one) have been derived. There are letters that exist in Russian but not in Bulgarian, some that exist in Bulgarian but not in Russian, and some that exist in the two alphabets but are pronounced differently. Here are a couple of extra pronunciation tips: - Most words have a tonic accent (a stressed syllable), which will influence the way vowels are pronounced. For example, the o will be pronounced open when accentuated and closed when not. Therefore it is important to learn new vocabulary with the matching audio. - At the end of a word, and before a voiceless consonant, the following voiced consonants turn into their voiceless counterpart: б, в, г, д, ж, з are pronounced respectively as п, ф, к, т, ш, с. This deck is brought to you by Bulgaro: a modern, interactive online Bulgarian course. Learn Bulgarian online now with Bulgaro!

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ID 3
Letter в
Transliteration v
IPA /v/ or /f/
Name въ
Pronounciation v as in "vet"
ID 24
Letter ч
Transliteration ch
IPA /t͡ʃ/
Name чъ
Pronounciation ch as in "chip"
ID 14
Letter н
Transliteration n
IPA /n/
Name нъ
Pronounciation n as in "normal"

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Great deck and the audio clips are especially helpful. Thank you!
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Very helpful, thanks
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Very good mate
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Good quality deck, with audio and separate fields to customize the cards.