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PAVC 1,2,3,4 (Vocabulary+Grammar, Reading+Writing)

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This decks list all the vocabulary from the Taiwanese PAVC 1, 2, 3, 4 (practical audio visual Chinese) or 實用視聽華語. It was created from the data at http://bangwo.mose.fr/ and holds the lesson's vocabulary (in traditional characters), a pinyin transcription and an English translation. Contrary to the other decks available, it also contains the grammar patterns. This deck offers two distinct subdecks, one for training reading skills, one for writing skills. The writing deck is intended to be used on a tablet/phone with the white board option "on". It also integrates for each card, two links: a Pleco link for the android user of this dictionary and a link to the English wiktionary.

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Number B4-CH09:21
Chinese 日幣
Pinyin rì bì
English Japan currency, yen
Tags B4-CH09 Vocabulary
Number B3-CH13:56
Chinese 商業
Pinyin shāng yè
English commerce, trade
Tags B3-CH13 Vocabulary
Number B3-CH02:13
Chinese 客人
Pinyin kè rén
English guest, customer
Tags B3-CH02 Vocabulary

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