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🌏 World's Biggest Problems

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Learn and make progress on some of humanity's biggest problems: 🏥 Global Health - e.g., how many people die every year from air pollution? 🐣 Animal Welfare - e.g., how many chickens are killed for meat every year? 🧨️ Existential Risk - e.g., how many nuclear weapons are there in the world? I chose these problems because they're relatively large, neglected, and solvable. While this list is incomplete and may not align with every worldview, I believe we need to make progress in all three to improve the lives of all sentient beings and maintain a habitable planet.

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Front How much funding goes to advocacy to end factory farming every year in the US (as of 2018)?
Back $100 million. Pet shelters in the US receive ∼50x more funding than advocacy to end factory farming, yet hold ∼1,000x fewer animals. One organization increasing animal funding is Animal Charity Evaluators. They review animal charities based on effectiveness and publish their reasoning online.
Source Centre for Effective Altruism - What is Effective Altruism?
Tags animal_welfare
Front How does the death rate from coal compare to nuclear energy?
Back Coal is 800x deadlier. EU citizens lose a year of expected life from air pollution from fossil fuels. EU coal plants prematurely kill ∼25 people for powering every 150,000 EU citizens for a year. With nuclear energy - including the deaths from the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters - only every 33 years would someone die. The global electricity mix is still dominated by fossil fuels: coal, oil, and gas account for ∼60%. If we want to help stop climate change, we can transition away from fossil fuels to nuclear and renewables, and reduce deaths from accidents and air pollution as a side effect.
Source Our World in Data - What are the safest and cleanest sources of energy?
Tags global_health
Front By what year do AI experts predict a 50% chance of Artificial general intelligence (as of 2021)?
Back 2060. AI is already able to engage in limited conversation, solve college-level maths problems, explain jokes, generate images from text, and do basic coding. As AI becomes increasingly intelligent, it may surpass human intelligence, potentially bringing prosperity for everyone.If not handled carefully, AI could concentrate power in the hands of a few, or malevolent actors could use it to harm others. In the worst case, we could lose control and find ourselves with as little command over our future as chimpanzees have control over theirs."Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make" —Nick Bostrom, TED Talk
Source Cold Takes - Where AI forecasting stands today
Tags existential_risk

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