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JLPT Tango N3 Alpha Deck

122.14MB. 1441 audio & 1 images. Updated 2021-01-13.
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No more anki pls Join discord server if you want: https://discord.gg/uK4HeGN I left most lone vocab cards unedited (they're mostly finished anyways, just checking the Notes field in case there's important information and checking the sentence card it's connected with for its kanjified version or just looking it up yourself). I also added "Vocab_Only" tag for all lone vocab cards.

Sample (from 2072 notes)

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Expression 会社[かいしゃ]まで 往復[おうふく]4時間[よじかん]かかる。
Meaning It takes four hours round trip to get to my office and back.
Vocab 往復[おうふく] (する)
Vocab Meaning round trip
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Tags JLPT N3 Tango
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Expression 彼[かれ]は 下品[げひん]な 食[た]べ 方[かた]をする。
Meaning His way of eating is indecent.
Vocab 下品[げひん]な
Vocab Meaning vulgar, indecent
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Tags JLPT N3 Tango
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Expression ウェブサイト
Meaning website
Vocab Meaning
Notes related or similar to ホームページ
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Tags JLPT N3 Tango Vocab_Only

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on 1631042674
I'd love to see the omega version of this, and also the N2. A huge thumbup for all of your work!!
on 1626252264
Works great. Not all cards have audio so I manually add pronunciation clips from forvo when necessary
on 1624541305
Great deck! Perfect for learning Kanji readings, vocabulary and the correct pronounciation all at once. I improved so much going through this deck. I hope I can find such a great deck for N2 as well!
on 1619369958
Muito bom, mal posso esperar pela versão final. Tenho tentado traduzir para português desde o N5.
on 1618335160
These decks are fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work!
on 1615006847
Thanks so much for this, I just finished N3!

What's the ETA for when JLPT Tango N2 Alpha Deck will be available, keen to get right into it!
on 1613353927
Thank you so much for making these decks!
I was excited to get this one after the N4 and N5 ones :)
on 1612313863
Great deck!! thank you so much for taking the time to create all the decks! Is there anyway to generate the pitch readings? Looks like there are no pitch accent readings on the N3 deck.
on 1612142152
Your decks have really helped me improve my reading and grow my vocabulary. I know that a lot of work went into putting these together and just wanted to say thank you for sharing!
on 1610553906