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AQA A Level Chemistry

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I made these for AQA A-Level Chemistry (7405). The flashcards cover year 2 of the courses very thoroughly, but there is slightly less detail on some year 1 topics. Chemistry is divided into Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Exam Technique. This is similar to the way topics are divided between the exams. I recommend setting "New cards/day" to 20 for each subdeck. Please visit www.acetheucat.com if you have any further questions on how to use this Anki deck.

Sample (from 796 notes)

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Front Define dynamic equilibrium in a closed system. (2)
Back - rate of forward reaction = rate of back reaction- concentrations of products and reactants remain constant
Tags equilibria physical
Front What is a racemic mixture?
Back - 50/50 of each enantiomer- doesn't rotate plane polarised light overall
Tags aldehydes_ketones organic
Front What is the resonant frequency?
Back The frequency required to supply the energy for resonance to occur.
Tags analysis organic

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