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Esperanto to English ordered by Wikipedia Usage Frequency v1

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61,907 Esperanto dictionary entries in order of usage frequency in the Esperanto Wikipedia (dumped 2016-10-02). Dictionary entries come from Paul Denisowski's Esperanto Dictionary Project (ESPDIC). To learn in order of frequency, you should set the options group for the deck in the "New Cards" section to have "Show new cards in order added" selected. Then the first few words to appear should be "la, de, en, kaj, esti". There was not a perfect 1:1 of words used in Wikipedia to words in ESPDIC. The first 38k words in the deck are in order of frequency, with the remainder being in random order.

Sample (from 61907 notes)

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Esperanto monoteismo
English monotheism
Esperanto adjektivigi
English to make into an adjective, turn into an adjective
Esperanto defonta
English source

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on 1628726257
Tiene bastante contenido. Es muy Ăștil. UwU
on 1613539017
Very useful deck!
on 1590341143
I'm so glad to have this resource. Many thanks.
on 1590300964
Incredible work. Thank you very much!
on 1581770632
Try not to back down
on 1512518400
on 1486598400
Great deck! The ESPDIC does have some errors.

This deck is a great adaption of the ESPDIC. Unfortunately, I have found some errors in the ESPDIC. If you compare heliko in ESPDIC to searching http://kono.be/vivo/ or http://vortaro.net/ you can see that he missed the snail part of the definition. There are some redundant and not useful cards, like plural versions of some words, which in my opinion the singular word should be enough. This should not stop you from using this deck though, since it does have many correct and useful entries. My thanks to the creator for the hard work! 61,907 notes is a lot!
on 1480636800