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Ultimate JLPT N5 Vocabulary Deck v1.3

22.62MB. 657 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-02-02.
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This a revised deck that combines words from several online and offline resources into one deck. This deck includes every sense of the words as separate cards. It also has a primary meaning, secondary meaning and parts of speech in edition to the kanji and kana. This deck has the kanji whether the actually kanji characters are on the JLPT list or not, so there will be some more difficult kanji in this deck. Changes for 1.1: Different senses are cross referenced on the cards, so that if you see one word it will give you alternative meanings as well as the alternative senses (which will be tested on another card) Changes for 1.2: Changed kana and kanji font to Meiryo to make it easier to read in Windows Vista+. Windows XP and below will still have the standard font. Mac OS X users should change the font to Hirogina Maru Gothic ProN to make it easier to read. Changed the background to be easier on the eyes and help with retention of the material. Changes for 1.25: I added a special column called 'N5Kanji' you can use this in place of 'Kanji' if you want to only practice N5 level kanji. You can switch the column in Tools -> Manage Note Types... -> Ultimate Layout -> Cards... -> And then change all the fields in the 'template' from 'kanji' to 'N5kanji' and you should be good to go. Changes for 1.3: Added audio for every card from Forvo.com. For more information and tips on how to study for the JLPT, visit http://jlptbootcamp.com If you have any comments are suggestions for this deck, please either contact me via the contact me button on jlptbootcamp.com or email me at jlptbootcamp@gmail.com Thanks, Mac

Sample (from 689 notes)

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Kanji 乗る
Kana のる
N5Kanji のる
English to get on
POS v5r, vi
2ndDef to ride in, to board; to spread (paints); to share in, to join
Kanji 座る
Kana すわる
N5Kanji すわる
English to sit
POS v5r, vi
2ndDef to squat; to assume (a position)
Kanji コーヒー
Kana コーヒー
N5Kanji コーヒー
English Coffee
POS n,adj-no

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on 1650051192
on 1632618638
The hiragana for 可愛い should be かわいい。
Also had to turn off the pronunciation because so much of the pitch accent is weird and listening to it is actually messing with me and it's hard to ignore.
If you're looking for pronunciation stuff just go to forvo, I particularly like the user strawberrybrown and there's someone like usagi-something. They seem to have consistent/popular accents.

But still thank you very much! I love it. Very convenient
on 1619141955
Pronounciation is wrong
If you care about pitch accent, don't download
on 1618034209
Great resource, lots of effort to make this thank you
on 1615251263
thank you for your hard work
on 1610578106
well built
on 1606434275
very good anki deck
on 1604541855
I modified this deck to add images, I want to share it with everyone, how can I send it to the creator of this deck?
on 1598471594
30 seconds in and 飴 (ame, candy) has the SAME pronunciation as 雨 (ame, rain)
Not useful if you want to learn vocab plus the right way to pronounce the words.
on 1591815453
It has a lot of useful vocab
on 1591658856
Absolutely amazing. Skeptical at first because of the negative reviews, but now I see they are very undeserved. Thank you for making a great deck to study with!
on 1588019692
on 1587893837
Great deck for beginner learner. For the ones who confused with the POS field, this URL can be your reference https://jisho.org/docs
on 1574795271
on 1562187643
Since I did RTK before I customized the notes to display both kana and kanji and it works well to learn vocabulary and kanji pronunciations. I really like to try guessing from audio only before giving a look to the kana/kanji.
on 1556241412
Almost no kanji useledd
on 1531519526
I have studied with this deck for 2 months.
It is the best one here imo.
Haven’t found any typo/mistake. Thank you!

Tho I wish this same author could make a N4 deck too :(... The ones I find are baaad. Full of errors (-looking at u, Nihongoshark jlpt decks)
on 1529018112
Really good deck, sounds are really useful and the translations seem better than most. First thing I did was remove the bolding on the Kanji though, the lines are so thick that it makes them difficult to read for a newbie like me.
on 1526342400
Awesome work!
on 1522886400
Good deck.
on 1521590400
on 1510617600
Good deck
on 1509840000
on 1507075200
on 1505088000
on 1500940800
Really nice

That's great:
- audios with every vocabulary

That could made the deck even greater:
- sample sentence to each vocabulary would be fine
- Kanji are not written at all, Kanjis with Furagana would be better
on 1490140800
on 1481068800
Very good

Well, the deck has the promised content. I cannot even think how much effort goes into such a think and thus I'd like to thank you for this.
on 1480377600
on 1466035200
on 1465862400
Kanji makes it easier

I know knowing and starting to recognise all these kanjis have a lot of advantages. But, as I am practising for JLPT N5, and this deck focuses on the same. Its a little bit easier with all the kanjis which are not part of JLPT N5.

Although I think its a great deck and thank you for putting all the effort in making it. Keep up the good work. :)
on 1464048000
on 1436745600
Great deck

on 1432512000
on 1428624000
Successfully used this deck when I studied for the test

I used this deck to prepare for the JLPT N5 test. I had a look at a few decks, and this was the one I liked best. In contrast to the last reviewer, I really appreciated having even those kanji which are not required for this level of the test.
A handful of kanji not part of the level 5 tests I knew from my Japanese class, a few more I recognised from "remembering the Kanji", and others I have learned in the month since I did the test (and am happy everytime I recognise a new one when the cards from this deck pop up from revision)..., and those I don't know I can always ignore.
I configured my cards so that both kanji in large and furigana in small font are shown on the question card.
on 1426204800
on 1380240000
on 1371945600
Easy with the Kanji

Here is the thing I don't understand about some of these JLPT lists. If I am going to write the JLPT N5 test, chances are that my knowledge of Kanji is around the 103 characters required by the test. This means any characters that are NOT on the test should NOT be drilled. 方 and 青 (and many others) should be replaced by Hiragana or accompanied by Furigana. My main focus would on the vocabulary and the Kanji that will be on the test.

Despite all the efforts put into the deck, the focus on everything Kanji make this deck meaningless.
on 1362182400