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pocket guide to urology 5th ed

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Pocket guide to urology 5th ed

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Front When abx are instituted for asx bacteriuria in anticipation of traumatic GU procedure in whom is continuation of abx warranted?
Back Pts who keep catheter after procedure
Front What is the mechanism of action of Ketoconazole as ADT?
Back Inhibition of P450 enzymes including CYP 17 (complex containing 17,20 Lyase and 17a Hydroxylase) and 11B Hydroxylase
Front What are the options for upper tract imaging for hematuria work up in order of preference?
Back 1. CT Urogram2. IVP + renal U/S: if CTU unavailable3. MR urogram: if contrast contraindication4. Retrograde pyelogram + renal US/non-cont CT/MRI

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