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Sketchy Micro (created by @nicolet.life)

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This is a complete deck that covers all of the Sketchy Micro sketches. The best way to study for Microbiology in medical school for classes, USMLE, and COMLEX! Some cards in this deck contain small, cropped portions of the overall sketch - these force you to focus on all of the small details of each sketch. Other cards contain a picture of an entire sketch - these allow you to test your recall on the big picture. **Notes with the tag "*edited_by_nicolet.life" are cards for which Nicolet added her own memory hook. If you do not want to use these, feel free to delete them by sorting your cards by that specific tag, highlighting all the cards under that tag, and simply deleting them.** ***Text in grey font is supplemental information. Text in black font is the most important, high yield information.*** This deck was created with love by @nicolet.life Instagram: @nicolet.life Website: www.nicolet.life Twitter: @nicolet_life ~

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Front Icicles, it's cold Christmas eve
Back Listeria monocytogenes survives & multiplies in freezing temperatures (a unique feature that allows it to grow well in refrigerated foods)
Tags bacteria microbiology
Front Suitor in green bow tie and with accordion
Back Pseudomonas toxin performs ADP-ribosylation of elongation factor-2, which inhibits protein synthesis and causes cell death *same mechanism as diphtheria toxin
Tags bacteria microbiology
Front Thick red carpet with a cross and pointing in northeast direction
Back Babesiosis diagnosed by thick blood smearMaltese cross appearance in RBCs (formed by tetrad of trophozoites; helpful for differentiation from malaria)Geographic distribution of Babesia is predominantly in the northeast (along with Borrelia)
Tags microbiology parasites

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on 1548910287
THank you very much, Gonna try it :)
on 1547763180
comprehensive and exactly what I needed! thank you so much for sharing!
on 1546018054
Thank you so much! These decks are exactly what I needed!
on 1545938738
I was trying to find a way of revising Sketchy Micro; rewatching the videos was too time consuming. Them I found these amazing cards. I think they are God-sent especally becaus they have Uworld integrations. Highly recommended!!
on 1542246115
Comment from author
You guys, I am loving all of your wonderful comments and feedback! I really appreciate the reviews. Please let me know if there are any updates you desire. Best of luck with your studies!
on 1542145250
Lots of information and pictures that go with the material.
Comment from author
Glad you like them!!
on 1539958648
Really great explanations and pictures from UWorld and First Aid!
on 1539954884
Lots of pictures. First Aid references. UWorld references. Explanations.

Best thing since sliced bread.
on 1538342708
So organized!!! Thank you! Also, she screenshots First Aid images and pastes them into explanations - love that!
on 1535583953
on 1535457350
These are great! amazing work
on 1535428267
So so so excited that Nicolet uploaded her decks!!

Nicolet, you are such an inspiration to the medical student community and I just want to say thank you so so much for all your advice and contributions to your followers.

Seriously already started reviewing these cards after downloading. They are amazingly organized!!! Thank you Nicolet!
on 1535426701
Omg thank tha freaking LORD. This deck is amazing. Been waiting for you to post this one, Nicolet! And so so excited about it!!! <3 WOOOOOOO
on 1535426502
Holy crap THIS IS GOLD. Nicolet obviously spent a ton of time on this one. Looks like its very similar to the other Micro decks posted by others, but she added a TON of First Aid references and screenshots and also a lot of explanations in grey. Love it!

Thanks so much Nicolet!