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HSK 3.0: Learn Mandarin Chinese by drawing strokes [HSK 1-9]

42.35MB. 10938 audio & 3 images. Updated 2022-09-30.
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Anki- xiě hànzì (写汉字)HSK 3.0 Learn, read, write and practice Mandarin by drawing strokes in Anki Desktop, AnkiDroid and AnkiMobile with audio of HSK1 to HSK9 characters for HSK 3.0 list. Feautres - Night mode - Pinyin Tone color - Change size of characters - Change drawing stroke width - HSK1 - HSK9 audio included in the decks - Practice simplified as well as traditional characters - Show or hide Simplified, Traditional characters, Pinyin or Meaning - View meaning by opening https://www.pleco.com/ on phone. - View character details using https://hanzicraft.com/ - View mnemonics of characters using http://rtega.be/chmn/ - Draw characters to learn Mandarin with Simplified, Traditional, Pinyin and Meaning - Indicator at bottom for showing if character loaded or not (```green - loaded, red - not loaded or some error```) Update 2021-09-29 - Removed Pleco pinyin, generated from Pinyin and Meaning from scratch using CC-CEDICT - Combined pinyin and meaning for multiple pinyin characters using this project cedict-json Update 2021-09-27 - Pinyin Correction (Used Pleco export data) Update 2021-05-09 - Added HSK 7- HSK 9 decks Download and import again to update it. Note: Make backup by exporting collection with scheduling information before doing anything Update 2021-04-15 - Corrected meaning for many characters manually License License.md

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Simplified 一举
Traditional 一舉
Pinyin yī jǔ
Meaning yī jǔa move an action in one move at a stroke in one go
Simplified 得知
Traditional 得知
Pinyin dé zhī
Meaning dé zhīto find out to know to learn about
Simplified 警车
Traditional 警車
Pinyin jǐng chē
Meaning jǐng chēpolice car

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on 1669072158
Thanks for the effort!

You should create a github or something for this so that people can give feedback and point out errors to be fixed.

For example, the audio for 电脑 is definitely not right.
on 1668302048
Amazing deck thank you so much!!! I cannot figure out how to remove the pinyin from the meaning though. Is there an easy way of doing this?
on 1666888244
on 1656895487
Thank you so much !
on 1653382171
This is fantastic and so feature-rich, but is there a way to filter the deck by HSK level? I notice there are no tags...
on 1651678848
Good job!
on 1650316059
This is amazing, thank you so much for creating this!
on 1649585678
The deck has some impressive features, but I don't understand why it's set up the way it is...

This makes sense to me :
Front: English + handwriting; Back: English + Hanzi + Pinyin.

Why would you have pinyin and english on the same side, and have the user write the character when he can see exactly what it looks like right above on the back???

There's no active memory recollection here other than stroke order...

I can't code whatsoever but managed to move things around a bit to make the following deck:

To author: first project albeit great. I love how feature rich you made it. Again, I just struggle to see the deck's learning benefits with the current "fields" setup. And like the down-voter below noted, having the pinyin be part of the meaning "field" can be problematic.
Comment from author
This is my first project on GitHub, was new to the development but I will create better way to customise and add more features.
Stay tuned to the project, next update will be better.

Now create custom card templates with any desired fields
on 1648056061
I do not want the pinyin to show in the meanings
Comment from author
The deck is created using HTML/CSS/JS, it is fully customizable.
If you don't like then you have to add the field above pinyin.
Like {{Simplified}}
or {{Traditional}}

View this for editing card templates

For more help log the issues here

Now create custom card templates with any desired fields
on 1646244669
This deck is incredible. I have used many resources over the last 9 years of living in China to study characters, and this has to be the best resource for learning characters ever. Thank you so much. I wish I could code so I could do things like this.
on 1645637972
Thank you very much!
on 1645460827
Thank you so much for your huge contribution
on 1644827915
Thank you so much for this. I just want to ask is there an option to restart writing a character?
on 1644211525
on 1637967937
Incrédule work
on 1636657738
Talented and thorough, great job, thanks to the author of this desk !!
Still can't completely comprehend how powerful it is !

I wonder, can the hanzi-drawing part be inserted into other Chinese decks?
Plus if possible, can the animation speed control be added to the menu. Some would want it slower to better remember, whilst sometimes you need just a quick refresh.
Also may the color of animated strokes comply with the hanzi's tone? That'd be a total breakthrough !
Are there any plans to make a comprehensive dictionary based deck (i.e. full dictionary e.g. Cedict-MDBG in form of Anki deck) with drawing support?
(it would be very handy to suspend it all and then unsuspend the words you add to your active list, i.e. not create these cards every time anew - but unsuspend them from the already made comprehensive deck like Maobi addon author described here https://github.com/jcklie/anki-maobi).

Plus to above mentioned I have to things I'd like to add but I hopefully could do it myself:

1) Add bopomofo with tonemarks. Bopomofo is great, as pinyin highly distracts attention because it's so much easier to read than hanzi! I even learnt bopomofo for that. Now I first try to recognize the hanzi and remember its pronunciation, and if I fail to do so, I look at the bopomofo. Plus that's still a rather widely used format.
2) Color Hanzi depending on tone (I'll use the Chinese support redux addon for this as well as for the first task). Use colors exceptionally for tones everywhere (hanzi, pinyin, bopomofo, example sentences etc). That's very useful for memorizing tones and helps to recognize them (diacritics are less clearly readable in some lighting conditions).

(When using coloring for tones, and see any color hanzi text that is colored on any other critera than tones, is always such a pain )) So I personally use colors only for tones, and black or white the rest (well also blue because I don't use it for tones).)

P.S. Maybe if the author happen to like the above two things, he will also implement it for all users.
Comment from author
Hi, I will implement the suggested idea in next update but that will be different deck.
I have not added bopomofo because I haven't learnt it so if there any mistake in this then it will hard to remove the error.
The idea of dictionary is very good. I will create such deck. Stay tuned on my GitHub page or /r/Anki on reddit for update.
on 1636570012
Love this deck, thank you very much! I’m wondering if there’s a way to hide the hanzi in the background to test if I could remember how to write it myself
Comment from author
There is button at bottom right which open side bar. In the side bar there is option to hide hanzi.
on 1634081871
Thank you!
on 1633033546
Big fan of this! Thank you! I see that you have updated the deck with new definitions and some corrections etc. I'm wondering if there's some way to update my decks without loosing my progress on the last version of the deck. So, all my reviews and such will stay the same. Any help would be super appreciated!!
Comment from author
To update deck view page and video below.
Note: First make backup by exporting collection.



Earlier I have shared the deck in two parts later I have shared the deck in one parts which make it harder to update.
So if you can remove older deck and import this latest deck then it will be easy update next time.
on 1632950213
Nice deck. It helped me a lot to get started with learning Chinese.
There are some flaws/mistakes but I guess some of them can't be fixed with such a big deck.

Edit: I just downloaded the latest version and most flaws/mistakes I saw have been fixed except for the audio:
On some cards the audio is "wrong". For example the audio for 了 says 'liǎo' although it should probably be 'le'. But that's the TTS' fault and you'd have to fix that manually for every card so that can't be helped.
on 1632848966
This is a great deck but so many cards have the wrong tone. This is extremely hurtful for not only beginners but all levels. I have changed a ton of tones and definitions. If there was a star function I would give it 3/5. Good deck but the problems need to be fixed.

Update: The newest updated date still has problematic pinyin. One of the most basic characters ever is listed as Zi (子) without tones, which is wrong.
Comment from author
Try it again. I have updated the deck.

Features added
- Pinyin with tone color
- Separated meaning for Characters with multiple pinyin
on 1628953703
looks awesome
on 1627487965
Super useful to learn through strokes and a very thorough deck with many hsk words
on 1626462481
Amazing work, thank you very much. I have been enjoying this deck for almost two weeks, even though there are some tones wrong or some missing definitions, the enjoyment every card brings me is priceless. I am a programmer and really apreciate the work you put on!
on 1625045893
Shoutout to you. This deck is the most useful I've ever seen on here, comes with lots of hard-to-implement but useful features, and helps me accurately towards HSK. Thanks a lot!
on 1624728756
Great work!
on 1624130244
Great resource for mandarin!
on 1623600758
This deck is awesome to learn characters. Moreover it has words for new HSK test. Thank you very much!
on 1622864362
on 1621737176
Love this creator