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HSK 3.0: Learn Mandarin Chinese by drawing strokes [HSK 1-9]

39.54MB. 10279 audio & 3 images. Updated 2021-05-09.
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Anki- xiě hànzì (写汉字)HSK 3.0 Learn, read, write and practice Mandarin by drawing strokes in Anki Desktop, AnkiDroid and AnkiMobile with audio of HSK1 to HSK9 characters for HSK 3.0 list. Visit Simple 中文 for more. To generate own word list view, https://github.com/infinyte7/Anki-Chinese-Vocabulary-Generator https://simplezhongwen.blogspot.com/p/chinese-vocabulary-generator.html Feautres - Night mode - Change size of characters - Change drawing stroke width - HSK1 - HSK9 audio included in the decks - Practice simplified as well as traditional characters - Show or hide Simplified, Traditional characters, Pinyin or Meaning - View meaning by opening https://www.pleco.com/ on phone. - View character details using https://hanzicraft.com/ - View mnemonics of characters using http://rtega.be/chmn/ - Draw characters to learn Mandarin with Simplified, Traditional, Pinyin and Meaning - Indicator at bottom for showing if character loaded or not (```green - loaded, red - not loaded or some error```) Update 2021-05-09 - Added HSK 7- HSK 9 decks Update 2021-04-15 - Corrected meaning for many characters manually License License.md

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Pinyin wǎng
Meaning net
Simplified 前仰后合
Traditional 前仰後合
Pinyin qián yǎng hoù hé
Meaning to sway to and fro, to rock back and forth
Simplified 坚强
Traditional 堅強
Pinyin jiānqiáng
Meaning strong, firm, staunch

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on 1631891070
Awesome especially the generator!
on 1628953703
looks awesome
on 1627487965
Super useful to learn through strokes and a very thorough deck with many hsk words
on 1626462481
Amazing work, thank you very much. I have been enjoying this deck for almost two weeks, even though there are some tones wrong or some missing definitions, the enjoyment every card brings me is priceless. I am a programmer and really apreciate the work you put on!
on 1625045893
Shoutout to you. This deck is the most useful I've ever seen on here, comes with lots of hard-to-implement but useful features, and helps me accurately towards HSK. Thanks a lot!
on 1624728756
Great work!
on 1624130244
Great resource for mandarin!
on 1623600758
This deck is awesome to learn characters. Moreover it has words for new HSK test. Thank you very much!
on 1622864362
on 1621737176
Love this creator