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Anki Zoom

0.02MB. Updated 2020-04-04. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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Does what it says - enables zoom for current Anki versions (v2.1.15+). Built upon the great work of Zoom 2.1, which unfortunately has bugs due to Anki updates Features: - Press Ctrl + +/= to zoom in - Press Ctrl + - to zoom out - Ctrl + Scroll to zoom - Supports pinch to zoom on Windows/Linux trackpads - Press Ctrl + 0 to reset zoom (default zoom can be changed in config) - Tooltip popup displays zoom percentage (can be disabled in menu) - If zoom amount and scroll sensitivity is not optimal, please use the config to fine tune settings. Can be accessed through: Tools->Options->Add-ons->Anki Zoom->Config. Detailed descriptions are within config. Notes: - Tested compatibility with Anki v2.1.9, v2.1.15, v2.1.20, v2.1.21 - Please report issues here: Github For more GUI tweaks, check out my other addon: No Distractions Full Screen Changelog: 4/3/2020 v1.1.4: Added tooltip popup showing zoom percentage 3/28/2020 v1.1.3: Better view menu management (compatible with NDFS and Dancing Baloney addons) - should not make duplicate view menus 3/8/2020 v1.1.2: Fixes bug where zoom state would not save upon close. Performance improvements 3/2/2020 v1.1.1: Fixed bug where screen would freeze after certain actions 3/2/2020 v1.1: Much more streamlined code for zoom management and tracking. Event-listener changed to use inbuilt Anki event listener(big thanks to u/Glutanimate and u/yumenogotoshi for code suggestions). Added zoom interval and scroll threshold config 3/1/2020 v1.0: Initial release


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1603311483

Please allow us to disable Anki Zoom during the add card dialogue/window so that it will not interfere with the macros for super/subscripts in the mini format pack.

Otherwise, a wonderful add-on.
on 1602128613
on 1601610627
on 1601248258
on 1600364583
Wonderful thanks
Comment from author before post was edited
Yes i've given it some thought, but still undecided on how it'll work. I responded to your github post.
If anyone has an idea of how it'll work feel free to suggest
on 1600073334
on 1599674319
Great add-on! Is it possible to have, for example, M=zoom in and N=zoom out. Would be very handy in my case. Basically just being able to resign keys.
on 1596644599
FINALLY!!! Thank you for fixing the damned zoom! It works even with my antimicro gamepad mapping in debian.
on 1596589378
Just what I needed!
on 1596583565
Works perfectly! Thanks for creating this add on!
on 1596460332
Muito útil!
on 1596412884
on 1595986507
wohoooo Works! My eyes love it. Thank you!
on 1595962522
Thanks thanks thanks :)))))
on 1595222198
on 1594972525
on 1594335358
Unfortunately doesn't work on macOS.
Comment from author
It should work regardless of the platform - can you elaborate on the issue?
on 1594075602
Perfect, works with Anki 2.1, no issues
on 1593737191
Works perfectly - thanks!

Would it be possible to be able to prevent zooming whilst using the 'edit during review' add-on, or at least have an option to do this, so that subscript and superscript can be done in the reviewer as opposed to needing to open the browser.

Thanks again
Comment from author
Great suggestion - I will look into it
on 1593152940
the best anki zoom add-on!
on 1592600657
I stopped studying to take a break long enough to rate this.

saved my work flow

thanks man
on 1591126739
on 1591022160
This is what I need for my Japanese decks. Thank you
on 1590890529
on 1590746475
thanks for this great addon , very useful. İf only we could also zoom when the browser or edit screen is opened it would complete the addon in many ways
on 1590411296
Best Zoom Addon for Anki.
on 1590336083
muito bom
on 1590199834
Muito Bom, queria saber c tem como dar zoom em imagens também ?, da pra usar outro adds para q eu possa dar zoom na imagem ?
on 1589012547
on 1588923821
better than Zoom 2.1
on 1588768155
on 1588624952
ajuda muito
on 1588355503
on 1588237574
Great work
on 1587868060
ease instalation
on 1587795259
A must have!!
on 1587259742
It's working, thx!
on 1587068021
Thank you!
on 1586745956
Anki Zoom worked for me as intended. Thanks!
on 1586440180
very useful
on 1586290483
i had problem with Zoom2.1 on Linux (Ubuntu), after a recommendation to try this add-on, I installed it and everything solved. Thank you!

the issue I encountered was that control + mouse wheel up/down didn't work.
on 1586285179
Good job
on 1586268052
it´s a useful add-on
on 1586180626
Update 2: it's all good - just remapped ctrl-0 to ctrl-5 to prevent the conflict. Thanks!

Update 1: shortcut works fine in the main deck page. I now actually think it is due to a conflict with the customize keyboard shortcuts add on, which overrides shortcuts in the reviewer. I have encountered a similar issue with shortcuts not working in reviewer for the advanced review bottom bar add on. Do you know if there is any way to overcome this?

Love this add on as there haven't been any bugs.

However I have recently noticed (maybe since the recent zoom %age indicator) that ctrl + 0 doesn't work to reset the zoom when in the reviewer (just a minor point)

Thanks for the amazing add on!
Comment from author before post was edited
Edit: Ah - if that addon is remapping the Ctrl-0 hotkey to another function I'll add user-customizable keyboard shortcuts

Interesting - it works for me. Does reset work via the menu option, and does it display the shortcut as 'Ctrl-0'?
on 1586171046
It´s good but it only zooms the first pictiure. I got many Pictures underneath and when I want to zoom it it only makes the first Picture bigger and the others stay small :(
Comment from author
Zoom respects the layout template of your cards, so if your pictures are set to be a percentage of the screen, it will not resize them)
Whole window scaling is coming in a future update
on 1586160766
1. The config button in the add-ons overview is greyed out and not clickable.
workaround: edit config.json

2. Does it change the text size in the editor?

edit1: 1. Yes, I deleted and re-downloaded. To be sure, I restarted Anki. The grey-out remains. BTW, "view add-on page" is greyed out as well. 2. Thank you! I didn't know of that setting.

edit2: Apparently this is an issue not (only) with this add-on, but with my Anki.

edit3: thank you for the tooltip
Comment from author before post was edited
1. Can you try deleting and reinstalling the add on?
2. No it only affects the review screen. If you want to make other elements of the UI bigger, I’d suggest going into preferences and changing the “user interface size”
on 1586092121
Best Anki Zoom add-on to date
on 1585999575
Hi, the addon is working really smoothly! However, it doesn't indicate the level of zoom. For ex, if we zoom in chrome of any other browser, it indicated % of zoom so as to let users know the level of zoom. It is basically helpful to get back to original zoom as it become tough to adjust back to original zoom without knowing the zoom level. I hope you consider this.Thanks for sharing the addon.

Edit: The author added this feature the very same day!!! Thanks a lot.
Comment from author before post was edited
Edit: Now added!

Sure - I'll consider adding as a feature. You can also use Ctrl-0 to get back to the original zoom
on 1585976754
Neat! It does not interfere with the workaround suggested at https://changes.ankiweb.net/#/known-issues?id=text-size, just what I needed
on 1585878096
I love it!! Thankss
on 1585737902
on 1585618867
Thank you for this! The bugs with Zoom 2.1 were starting to get frustrating... this is so much smoother.
on 1585066695
Great add on! Unlike Zoom 2.1, it keeps your zoom even after you close Anki.
on 1584827587
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
on 1584270204
Awesome !!, can't wait for your next update with the image zoom functionality :)
on 1583783143
works well
on 1583600332
I LOVE YOU!! I've been waiting for this one since 1,5 month 10 hours a day^^
Let me buy you a coffee
on 1583559206
One of simplest and effective addon thank you
on 1583259819
awesome thanks
on 1583251683
It's great
on 1583097264
I got Anki-making group in my medical school since only I got a 1440p screen, it's a blessing
on 1583065106
Woop woop . Zoom 21 has been a bit buggy for me, but this add-on work smoothly so far. thanks!