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Spoonfed CHinese

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English My younger brother likes taking pictures of mountains.
Pinyin wǒ dìdi hěn xǐhuān pāi shān de zhàopiàn .
Hanzi 我弟弟很喜欢拍山的照片。
English Children love to swim.
Pinyin Háizimen dōu xǐhuan yóuyǒng.
Hanzi 孩子们都喜欢游泳。
English The hair style of the Beatles created a sensation.
Pinyin pī tóu shì de fàxíng yǐnqǐ le hōngdòng .
Hanzi 披头士的发型引起了轰动。

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Good for memorizing phrases and words in context
on 1623047104
Sentence mining at its best!
on 1620580057
Don't use but I will
on 1620138402
It's complete!
on 1611536950
Hi, I am the original uploader. This is the original version I put together and shared when starting to learn Chinese. Yes, the sentence ordering isn't great and it has plenty of errors. I did a new version with the help of my Chinese wife, which I regularly maintain and has much better sentence ordering, grammar notes, the original less-compressed audio, decks for simplified/traditional hanzi, and fixes many errors.

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