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Spoonfed CHinese

Sample (from 8142 notes)

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English My younger brother likes taking pictures of mountains.
Pinyin wǒ dìdi hěn xǐhuān pāi shān de zhàopiàn .
Hanzi 我弟弟很喜欢拍山的照片。
English Children love to swim.
Pinyin Háizimen dōu xǐhuan yóuyǒng.
Hanzi 孩子们都喜欢游泳。
English The hair style of the Beatles created a sensation.
Pinyin pī tóu shì de fàxíng yǐnqǐ le hōngdòng .
Hanzi 披头士的发型引起了轰动。

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on 1657934747
Quite useful.

I have now gone ahead and bought the very cheap ($3 ) paid for version.

It appears to be very good value.
on 1656095868
Although this deck is very popular among learners, I wouldn't really recommend it after having used it for almost two years.

To put it simply, not only does it have plenty of mistakes, but it has bad sentence ordering ("I like to eat rice" comes after "The joint US-China delegation signed the peace treaty"), pace is really slow (6 cards in a row all have the same new word), and the audio for each sentence is really compressed.

Now, the author claims that the $3 paid version fixes all of these mistakes, but even that one has some errors (more so in the English than the Chinese), but even the utility of the *paid* deck is still lacking. Though the audio is recorded by native speakers, they enunciate each phrase and each word very slowly and unnaturally so you're not going to get any better at listening to actual Chinese from just this deck alone.

For someone *just* starting out with learning, it might be somewhat useful but I highly suggest ditching it once you get to the level where you can semi-comfortably consume Chinese content. Instead, make your own decks with words you encounter there. Baidu Fanyi works well enough for translating written stuff (and breaking down the new words used with Pinyin and all) plus has an OCR so you can past screenshots of video subtitles and it'll scoop out the characters. From there you can either get AwesomeTTS and have a robot speak the phrase or get something like ShareX where you can record the original speaker.
on 1650681114
Hi, I am the original uploader. This is the original version I put together and shared when starting to learn Chinese. Yes, the sentence ordering isn't great and it has plenty of errors. I did a new version with the help of my Chinese wife, which I regularly maintain and has much better sentence ordering, grammar notes, the original less-compressed audio, decks for simplified/traditional hanzi, and fixes many errors.

Available for $3 (or send more to say "thanks"): https://gumroad.com/products/IEmpwF

Please send questions/feedback to: promagma (AT) gmail.com
on 1649010791
Me va siendo muy útil, voy aprendiendo desde cero.
on 1647758148
It is very useful.
on 1646525424
great resource that I have been using for years now. really appreciate the audio and the inclusion of each vocab into a practical sample sentence.
on 1627166032
Good for memorizing phrases and words in context
on 1623047104
Sentence mining at its best!
on 1620580057
Don't use but I will
on 1620138402
It's complete!