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Spoonfed CHinese

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English My younger brother likes taking pictures of mountains.
Pinyin wǒ dìdi hěn xǐhuān pāi shān de zhàopiàn .
Hanzi 我弟弟很喜欢拍山的照片。
English Children love to swim.
Pinyin Háizimen dōu xǐhuan yóuyǒng.
Hanzi 孩子们都喜欢游泳。
English The hair style of the Beatles created a sensation.
Pinyin pī tóu shì de fàxíng yǐnqǐ le hōngdòng .
Hanzi 披头士的发型引起了轰动。

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on 1632505301
*NOTE* - I've been using this deck for a few months, but I recently upgraded to the paid version. Though I'm nowhere near complete with it, here are my thoughts so far.
The free version is a mixed bag, but in the end I would still recommend it.
Sentence Mining as a whole is a super-good way to essentially absorb new languages. Not only are you picking up new words (in an immersion-like environment) but you're also seeing how those words are used in sentences. That offers an advantage that your normal run-of-the-mill vocab cards don't have: you can effortlessly learn grammar just by reading a lot of sentences - much less effort!
And now to this deck specifically:
*Over 8000 free sentences from beginners material "Hi! How are you?" to advanced jabber regarding a wide variety of topics from videogame addiction to terrorist-backed warring states to other types of science. That equals over two YEARS of learning assuming you're at the default pace of 20 new cards a day. All in one deck.
*Pinyin and (somewhat compressed) audio to accompany the Hanzi. You can also (marginally) improve your listening comprehension this way.
*Reverse cards so you get practice with translating both in and out of Chinese.

*As this deck was (presumably) not made by a native Chinese speaker, it's certainly not without its few errors here and there. Most, though, involve wrong pinyin ("huan" instead of "hai") and on some occasions they have no tone markings. When I was merging the two decks to sync my progress after I bought the paid version (said to have been edited by uploader's wife, a native speaker), Anki found a few hundred notes which didn't have a direct duplicate in the paid "error-free" version. That means they were edited presumably to get rid of errors, or I might have deleted them from the paid deck when trying to sync progress. Nevertheless, the errors aren't too prevalent which means you can still learn a lot from this deck.
*Poor and in some cases *very bad* sentence ordering- Don't get me wrong, it's still structured well enough that it's usable even for an absolute beginner, but on the free version, there have been some occasions where sentences like "The peace treaty was signed by the US-China joint delegation" were immediately followed by something absurdly basic like "I like to eat rice." This gets fixed in the paid version though.
*I get that it's trying to feed us *one word* at a time, but there have been times where there are literally seven back-to-back new sentences that just repeat the same exact new word. At this rate it seems like the deck could have been a lot shorter yet taught the same amount of new words.

I ended up forking over the $3 for the paid version and having Anki automatically sift through and delete the overlapping cards from the paid one; my merged version works quite nicely. Also, I edited the card type so each sentence only has one card and the front side only shows the audio; the back then shows the Hanzi and the English. I hope this will help with listening comprehension.
Final thoughts: If you're new to Chinese, give this deck a try. It's not perfect, but it's a good start; I would recommend the paid version if you're willing to buy it though.
on 1627166032
Good for memorizing phrases and words in context
on 1623047104
Sentence mining at its best!
on 1620580057
Don't use but I will
on 1620138402
It's complete!
on 1611536950
Hi, I am the original uploader. This is the original version I put together and shared when starting to learn Chinese. Yes, the sentence ordering isn't great and it has plenty of errors. I did a new version with the help of my Chinese wife, which I regularly maintain and has much better sentence ordering, grammar notes, the original less-compressed audio, decks for simplified/traditional hanzi, and fixes many errors.

Available for $3 (or send more to say "thanks"): https://gumroad.com/products/IEmpwF

Please send questions/feedback to: promagma (AT) gmail.com