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Japanese Sentences

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Expression 十二時になったら帰ります。
Meaning When it is twelve o'clock, I'll go home.
Reading 十二[じゅうに] 時に[じに] なったら 帰り[かえり] ます 。
Tags Basic
Expression 妹はよく勉強するし、頭もいい。だが、成績はなぜかよくない。
Meaning My younger sister studies hard and she is intelligent, but somehow her grades are not good.
Reading 妹[いもうと]はよく 勉強[べんきょう]するし、 頭[あたま]もいい。だが、 成績[せいせき]はなぜかよくない。
Tags Intermediate
Expression あの女優は実に女っぽいから好きだ。
Meaning I like the actress, because she is so womanish.
Reading あの 女優[じょゆう]は 実[じつ]に 女[おんな]っぽいから 好[す]きだ。
Tags Intermediate

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on 1557679680
on 1557404816
on 1552637200
Useful deck to learn grammar through context
on 1550937105
Using it with the MorhpMan add-on. Incredibly useful addition to my studying!
on 1550461078
A valuable study resource!
on 1550403586
Very easy to add to your own sentence database, thank you for sharing.

Some English is broken (e.g."dictionnary").
on 1549930414
Probably the best deck for studying kanji reading + vocab + sentence structure all at once.
on 1549252925
I love the automatic furigana in the answer. Really great set so far. I already recognized a few sentences from my copies of the basic and intermediate dictionaries of Japanese grammar, so it does seem to have mined the sentences from there.
on 1546825759
The sentence are easy enough for an intermediate learner. Plus it's the type of sentence one would need in everyday life if you live in Japan
on 1540649375
on 1540067937
It's a great deck! The author worked very hard to create this list, I'm impressed great job!!
on 1536730865
It's the best deck I ever used. Everything in there.
on 1531394789
on 1527638400
The deck it's so good! It's one of those decks that help you a lot speacially the translations, It's incredible how just 1 negative comment could have made me not check up this deck.
on 1524528000
This deck is monumental. I'm sure there was a lot of effort into making it. Thank you so much for sharing.
on 1521763200
Thanks for taking the time to put together and share this excellent deck.

[To those curious where this is from, my source says, "Someone took all the sentences from a really good set of grammar books (Makino & Tsutsui’s Dictionarys Of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Grammar) and put them into an Anki deck."]
on 1503446400
Excellent Deck

In contrary to the comment below, which must have been given without much study nor reflexion, I found the translations in this deck to be perfectly correct and the sentences interesting and useful, especially if you want to learn words in their context and practice reading real japanese. I use it mainly for words I need to "reinforce" : I look for sentences containing these words in this deck (via the Anki Browser) and add them to my reviews by re-scheduling them. It is so much faster than looking for example sentences on a dictionary (like jisho) and adding them manually !

Big thanks to the uploader.

The only question I would have is, where does this come from? I really wonder.
on 1503014400
How can I create reverse cards for this deck?
on 1489536000
Don't mind the negative "womanish" review. This is a correct translation. 女ぽい(onna poi) means womanly or woman-ish (although this is not an actual word). Be thankful for the deck.
on 1489363200
Don't even need to try this deck, just look at the example.

The example uses the word "womanish." If the English translations are this bad, I doubt the Japanese sentences are trustworthy.
on 1489017600