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Russian 7000+ sentences, new words introduced gradually

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This is a modification of 13 000 Russian sentences sorted from easiest to hardest, shared with the author's permission. Many thanks! I really liked that deck but found it still had some issues, mainly: - There were too many similar or redundant sentences. - The sentences weren't grouped by the new word they introduce, so it wasn't very convenient to pick up new vocabulary. So my goal was to reprocess this deck to bring it closer to the quality of Spoon-fed Chinese, which it's inspired from. Here's what I did: 1. Eliminate sentences that contained the same set of 6 consecutive words (up to permutation, and considering different forms of a word to be the equal). This removed a bit less than 2000 sentences. 2. Analyze the whole deck to figure out the frequencies of words (this worked better than using an actual frequency list). 3. Sort the cards by their least frequent word (the "new word"), grouping different forms of a same word together. 4. Limit the number of cards that teach a the same new word (at most 3 as a base rule, but if there are many different forms, keep them all). This step drastically reduced the number of cards to about 7600 cards. 5. In every card, emphasize in bold the new word that is being studied (the original sentence is available in another field if you don't like that). Overall, this should make the learning experience much more convenient and you won't have to spend a lot of time deleting useless notes. Don't forget that you can customize the cards all you want and switch things around easily! Of course, it's not perfect, and here is a non-exhaustive list of issues: - I didn't change the TTS. It's decent but has occasional glitches, and sometimes messes up the stress or mixes up е and ё. Remove the card when that happens. - Just like the original deck, the sentences start out quite hard, so this is not suitable for beginners. You'll need to acquire some very basic understanding of Russian first (for example with Duolingo). - Because the number of sentences is limited, it is unavoidable that sometimes more than one new word is introduced at a time (in which case only the least frequent one is bolded). However this should not be too frequent. - Although it's trying, it won't teach you Russian on its own. Make sure you use other resources, especially for grammar. The code I used for this is available here, and more technical details are coming soon: https://github.com/vlecomte/sentence-study-order

Sample (from 7560 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Russian Ей в это время никак не мог быть третий десяток.
Russian bold Ей в это время никак не мог быть третий десяток.
English She can't have been in her twenties at that time.
Russian Эти люди говорили, что война была гражданской.
Russian bold Эти люди говорили, что война была гражданской.
English These people said the war was a civil war.
Russian Я и не знал, что стоимость жизни в Австралии настолько высока.
Russian bold Я и не знал, что стоимость жизни в Австралии настолько высока.
English I didn't realize that the cost of living was so high in Australia.

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on 1615305928
This is an amazing deck, the best around. I was just wondering if it would be necessary to download it again as the new content is added. Thanks.
on 1611863761
This deck is perfect for me! I needed a way to increase my vocabulary and improve my listening comprehension, but most decks I was finding were too easy. Thank you so much.
on 1601128506
Extremely valuable deck for those with INTERMEDIATE or higher passive listening/reading understanding of Russian, who want to improve active speaking skill, especially active grammar skill. Listen to Russian speech, store in neutral form in memory, reproduce Russian speech (thus practicing active vocabulary and grammar skills), press button and read Russian text to verify speech correct. Only look at English text if unknown words. If too many unknown words, you are not ready for this deck.

You can rearrange the deck to show English on the front and Russian on the back, but this has two disadvantages. First, it teaches translating from English rather than thinking in Russian. Second, there are many correct ways to translate a given English sentence into Russian, and the natural thing is to pick the simplest, which means you won't get practice with less common Russian vocabulary or with less obvious ways of expressing the same thought in Russian.

As author notes, occasional errors in computer generated text-to-speech and/or English translation. You should immediately recognize these errors if you are at intermediate level or above with passive listening skills. Don't delete cards with errors, since they are a good test for you, just give the correct pronunciation when you speak.

Integrates well with ABBYY dictionary. Get bith Universal and ExplanatoryBTS dictionaries. Latter is Ru-Ru, but necessary because it is the only dictionary which shows stress for all forms.