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Vim Commands

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This is a deck of all vim commands located on the "Vim Cheat Sheet" website. https://vim.rtorr.com/ Please enjoy! Should help you with learning all of these commands.

Sample (from 133 notes)

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Front Repeat last command
Back .
Tags Editing
Front Insert (append) after the cursor
Back a
Tags Insert Mode
Front Jump to the last non-blank character of the line
Back g_
Tags Cursor Movement

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on 1553052360
Thank you!
on 1543066992
Thank you for making this useful deck. I don't use vim ago. I will use vim future. I think your deck will help most people to remember vim shortcut.
on 1540805106
I realy like it
on 1538258403
I like it, but I am missing the folding commands which are part of the DDG cheatsheet: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=vim+cheat+sheet&atb=v101-3&ia=cheatsheet
on 1537179184
Great work!
on 1535582353
Super. Thank you for making this.
on 1533476015
Useful deck
on 1532768576
Thank you! I was looking for exactly this :)
on 1527292800