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Remembering the Kanji 1, 3, ∞ (+ Vocab/Better Keywords)

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This includes RTK1, RTK3, the missing Jyouyou kanji, and also the remaining ~125 kanji to bring the deck into compliance Kanji Kentei 準1級. I have replaced the kanji in the example vocabulary with katakana or hiragana where appropriate. Hiragana usually denotes a kun reading while katakana usually denotes the on reading. Background Info: Over the past 3+ years I have worked my way up from Kanji Kentei 10級 all the way up to 2級 level. Using that expertise, I have customized this Remembering the Kanij deck with useful vocabulary and clarifications to keywords. This is the deck I used to introduce myself to new kanji, and maintain my ability to write them over the long term. Because this deck was created primarily for myself over the course of many years, there are some formatting issues and strange things lurking in it that I'm in the process of cleaning up. Discussion about the deck is happening here: https://forum.koohii.com/viewtopic.php?id=12071 Change Log: 2014-08-13 - Fixed on-yomi field for most cards. Fixed some really weird HTML formatting caused by Anki, but that process may have created 3 duplicate cards for people updating. 2014-08-14 - Cards 0-1000 have been updated to make on-yomi/kun-yomi clearer by using standard dictionary notation, and these cards have also had parentheses applied to make the okurigana clearer. 2014-08-19 - All RTK1 cards have been updated to the new card format, and various typos have been fixed. 2014-08-20 - Missing on-yomi for some RTK1 cards have been fixed. Card numbers 2143-2400 have been updated to the new card format.

Sample (from 3235 notes)

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Keyword swallow (bird)
J-Keyword つばめ、飛エン
Stroke count 16
Heisig number 2869
Lesson number
On-yomi エン
Tags RTK3
Keyword Japanese cypress (simple)
J-Keyword ひのきの木
Stroke count 10
Heisig number 2495
Lesson number
On-yomi カイ
Tags RTK3
Keyword roofbeam, joist
J-Keyword はり、橋(リョウ)
Stroke count 11
Heisig number 2299
Lesson number
On-yomi リョウ
Tags RTK3

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I like this deck a lot! However, there are some cards which don't seem to have J-Keywords, though they do have English keywords here. Is there a reason why?


Oh and there's a typo on the English for 其 (listene -> listener). I haven't seen any other errors yet.

I've incorporated the info here into my own personal deck. The work is greatly appreciated!