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Pull from Duolingo

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Pull words you've learned from Duolingo into Anki 2.1. Known Issues From time to time, changes in Duolingo might break some of the functionality of this plugin. Here are the known issues and my progress in addressing them: Instructions: Select Your Language in Duolingo The Pull from Duolingo plugin will download words from your active Duolingo language: whatever language you have most recently selected for learning. You can change your active language using the Duolingo mobile app or web application by visiting Duolingo and selecting the language you would like to pull from. Pull from Duolingo After installing the add-on and restarting Anki, you can now select the Pull from Duolingo dialog from the Tools menu in Anki. If it's your first time using the addon, Pull from Duolingo will ask your permission to create its custom note type. Duolingo Sync will then ask for your Duolingo credentials. You must have a Duolingo username/password to log in with the add-on: logging in with your Google or Facebook credentials will not work. If you do not know or do not have your Duolingo password, you may be able to set it at https://www.duolingo.com/settings/password . The add-on will only pull in Duolingo words that you've already learned. As you learn more words in Duolingo, use the Pull from Duolingo tool again to pull those new words into Anki. Managing Notes Pull from Duolingo will create cards into your Default deck. It will include helpful tags--including duolingo_sync and the name of the language--that you can use to sort your cards. Once these cards are created, you're welcome to move them into other decks or add additional tags. Editing Notes By all means, edit the notes to your liking after they are imported into Anki. For example, you may wish to replace the text from your native-language with an image or images. Depending on the language you are studying, these notes may have helpful {{ gender }} or {{ pronunciation }} fields. You can browse your notes to see if this information is included, and add it to your cards if you like. For example, adding {{ pronunciation }} might be helpful if you're studying a language like Chinese with a non-Latin script. To remove a note from practice, suspend it; if you delete the note it will be reimported the next time you use the add-on. The only editing you can't do is changing the Gid attribute or removing the duolingo_sync tag: the addon uses these to uniquely identify words from Duolingo and avoid importing a word into multiple notes. Support, Etc. The canonical location of this project is on GitHub: https://github.com/JASchilz/AnkiSyncDuolingo. The add-on should provide helpful error messages for normal, expected issues like if you've provided a bad password or if you aren't connected to the internet. But if you feel like you've discovered a bug, then feel free to raise an issue in the project issue tracker. At some point, this add-on may fail if Duolingo changes or restricts the API that the add-on uses to communicate with Duolingo. If that happens, then hopefully I will still be around to identify and address the issue.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1657984831
It works perfectly for Spanish, thanks!
on 1657827860
All the Japanese kanji were translated into Chinese
on 1657436465
on 1657022085
This is very good, thanks. :)
on 1656626904
Was worried it might be defunct, but it still works!

A suggested improvement would be to not list every single definition somehow as ni below has a ton of definitions very few of which I've actually been exposed to yet on Duolingo.

among; (out) of; over; within; as (an); as; through; at; in; from; for; make; two; per; to; into; atop; upon; let; during; with; by; on; about; made; inside; against; as (a); onto
on 1653842905
Thank you so mucho, i was waiting this for a along time
on 1653028406
Extremely useful. Works perfectly so far. No issues. Thank you very much.
on 1652947463
I like
on 1652906525
Easy to use and works perfectly - thanks so much!
on 1646237274
worked like a charm
on 1644185300
Wow, I am impressed. Would be great to get also the sound of the vocables.
on 1643959968
Really awesome. I love being able to work through my completed Duolingo lessons through Anki. Thank you!
on 1629976047
This is very helpful and saves a lot of time it would also be useful if it could also be available for other language learning apps like Busuu which I also use.
on 1627906881
Very usefull add. Worked really well in my computer.
on 1623706285
Is there a way to pull the entire sentence??
on 1623597529
Duolingo Japanese cards do not contain correct pronunciations like [僕 -> Pu] incorrect [僕 -> ぼく] correct.
Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
on 1621868874
Works great, for the most part. I ran into an issue when pulling anything containing kanji from the Japanese course the pronunciation field will be filled with the Chinese reading for the kanji. There are also a fair number of entries that fails to find a translation.
on 1620748305
This works very well, first by pulling in all the words that Duolingo thinks I've learned, and then by updating that list whenever I want my latest words added to the deck. It also tags the words with whatever lesson the word is taught in.

My only issue is that my Duolingo account includes a several year old attempt at learning the language, resulting in a very large Anki deck, most of which I don't remember and don't need to actively review at this time.. So what I've done is to change the tag name (using standard Anki functionality) for all the lessons I've brought to level 5 from (for example) Basics-1 to Duolingo::Basics-1. That way I can create a filtered deck to study that only includes the lessons I've brought to level 5 in Duolingo. My main language deck adds one new word random word a day. But my daily filtered deck includes as many new words as I want, using the following filter: "deck:French" AND "is:new" AND "tag:Duolingo". Then after I go through my filtered deck, the words are brought back into my main deck with an update schedule based on the results of the filtered deck. That way my studying is primarily focused on the words that I've working on now, not those words that I barely knew two years ago. And as I go through the Duolingo course, each time I complete a skill to level 5, I change the tag for the words in that skill. And eventually, this won't be an issue, and all my notes will be tagged Duolingo::something.
on 1618858246
on 1618088023
Works fine. It's a good tool for someone who use Duolingo a lot :3
on 1617129707
das ist toll!
on 1616960759
Functions as described!
on 1615442404
A very good addon.
Many thanks.
on 1611535808
Amazing. Turns duolingo into a much more valuable resource. Thanks!
on 1610318978
Love it.... when it works. Hoping for an update.... please.
on 1608837335
I love this add-on, but like the previous reviewer the app freezes when I'm pulling new cards. Hoping for a fix soon so I can keep up with new vocabulary words!
Comment from author
Hi folks! This issue was recently reported on the GitHub repository page: https://github.com/JASchilz/AnkiSyncDuolingo/issues/28

I'm having trouble duplicating this issue on my own machine, so it's definitely helpful to see that more people are experiencing this. I encourage you to watch the page I've linked above. You might be able to help me figure out if this is a problem on particular operating systems, particular versions of Anki, etc.

The only thing I know that might help right now is that the user who reported the issue in the link said that it's more likely to succeed when they have a _large_ number of words to import rather than a small number.

And in general, if you do encounter a different issue, I don't get notified about these reviews. But I _do_ get notified when someone creates an issue in GitHub.
on 1607351673
Love this awesome add on. However recently I'm having a problem where the loading animation for pulling cards seems to freeze the application, so I can't pull new cards lately.
on 1605434724
Works just like that. I modified the cards a bit, but other than that, looks great!
on 1600330631
Works well. Can easily be integrated with the Japanese Support add-on with a little bit of work.
on 1599325796
I actually really like it. It works well.

However, I am having an issue with loading it all in. I was able to get french in fine
but another deck Im trying to add isn't adding in. it like gets stuck in the loading phase. it was able to load 3000 french cards and is having an issue loading 26 from a different one lol.

Idk just think its odd but when it works, it works really nicely.
on 1587048651
on 1586824004
Tried this on 14/04/20 and it worked like a charm :) Thank you, great add-on!
on 1585831844
This addon is working again! I just tried it (on 2th April 2020) and love it so far! Thanks for uploading this!
on 1580035681
Works well, thank you!
Unfortunately does not save login data. Please change in order to save username & password.
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback! I've got a couple of changes in mind for this.

I don't want to save users' passwords, even on their own machine, because sometimes they're extremely secret and the user might not even want it saved into their Anki database. But I can save the username, which should save some typing. I've got that planned with https://github.com/JASchilz/AnkiSyncDuolingo/issues/16.

And also I might be able to save the login cookies from Duolingo, so that you won't have to sign-in each time. That's https://github.com/JASchilz/AnkiSyncDuolingo/issues/6

I probably won't get to those soon, but if more people comment on those then I might get to them sooner.
on 1578057783
I was thinking about this! WOOOOOWWW
on 1577982950
Excellent One. Hats off.
on 1577297763
Works well, thanks!