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ru15k v3.1 - Targeted Sentence Cards for 15000 Russian words

213.28MB. 13709 audio & 0 images. Updated 2022-06-17.

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Users from previous versions: Please view this post for updating instructions. Join us on Telegram or Matrix if you have any questions relating to this deck. You can also join the Refold Discord group for Russian language by visiting https://refold.la/. (Note: Discord is proprietary software; This is not an endorsement of the platform.) Minor Update 2022-06-17 Translation for about 20 sentences have been changed, along with 1 sentence. No special instructions are needed to update from the earlier version. Updating from v2 or v1 should follow the same step as outlined in the blog post. UPDATE 2022-06-15 Differences from the old version (v2.1): This deck consists of sentence-based cards for the 15000 most frequent words in Russian, based on the frequency list from the Russian National Corpus. The set of sentences come from Tatoeba project, with a small portion created by ourselves. All cards shows the dictionary forms of the words and contains TTS audio for artificial immersion as well as pronunciation hint. All sentences are ideally meant to have only one targeted unknown word to minimize difficulty. In reality, some sentences might have unfamiliar proper names or occasionally difficult words not on the frequency list can slip in. Other times, the sentence might still be too hard to understand even with only one unknown word. The first 2000 (up to index 2176) should use only bilingual sentences, whereas the later cards may contain monolingual sentences (though, bilingual sentences are preferred when they exist). In general, in using this deck, you should suspend any card you think is too easy or too hard - remember, the point of studying this deck is to prime your brain to acquire the words more easily, not to fully learn it. You should always be picking the low-hanging fruit to maximize gains from studying. Moreover, Anki decks are not alternatives to authentic immersion, which should always be your primary method of learning any language. Credit to members of the Refold Russian Discord community for manually reviewing the top 2000 cards. For more information, please visit https://refold.la/. Sample card:

Sample (from 13746 notes)

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Word табурет
Front Вошел мужчи́на и сел на табуре́т ря́дом с ней.
Back A man came in and sat on the stool next to her.
Rank 10717
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
Definition Noun (m. inan.)1. stool (a seat)
Lemmas войти · мужчина · и · сесть · на · табурет · рядом · с · она
Word история
Front Я зна́ю всю исто́рию.
Back I know the whole story.
Rank 210
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
Definition Noun (f. inan.)1. history, story2. affair, thing
Lemmas я · знать · весь · история
Word поодаль
Front Её дом нахо́дится немно́го поо́даль от доро́ги.
Back Her house is a little way off the road.
Rank 10815
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
Definition Adv1. aloof (at or from a distance)2. further off
Lemmas её · дом · находиться · немного · поодаль · от · дорога

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on 1677242343
Translations seem to be automatic and not very literal. That means that the word you actually care about sometimes doesn't directly appear in the translation. (Example: card 471, the word is opinion, but the translation is "thinks highly of")
Many sentences provide basically zero clue or context on what the word could be, which kind of defeats the purpose of sentence cards (Examples: "Реше́ния нет.", "Э́то зако́н.", "Оно́ огро́мное.")
Good computer voice
on 1673378955
A very nice deck. It is made with full phrases that by experience is better for learning, useful phrases and with all the info you need to know :p
The only thing is wrong with this is that the audio gets broken after a while so maybe one day you do your lessons and the audio does not work fine anymore (Not a reason to not download it)
on 1668624308
Fantastic deck.
on 1658259835
Nice deck
on 1655511316
These are not proper targeted sentence cards, the target word should be highlighted, otherwise you don't know what the target word was until you reveal the answer. When reviewing TSCs you should have a choice to:

Read the full sentence and decide whether you understood all bits and pieces;
Read the full sentence but only test yourself on the target word;
Read just the target word and probably a few words surrounding it, grading yourself on the target word only.

More on how TSC work: https://tatsumoto-ren.github.io/blog/discussing-various-card-templates.html#targeted-sentence-cards-or-mpvacious-cards

EDIT: Now that's a great deck, thanks :-)
Comment from author before post was edited
This will be fixed soon
EDIT: It is fixed in the new version!
on 1655300487
After the latest update it's really awesome! Especially the first 2000 cards!
on 1648165475
I am on sentence 25 and I have found several mistakes already. Some lemmas are completely wrong and some sentences are so different from their translations. Sometimes even the target word of the card is explained wrong. The author should have put care to make the sentences more literal without losing the style so we can see a correlation between lemmas in both languages. If this deck was supposedly manually checked until sentence 1000, I cannot imagine how many mistakes I am going to keep finding, and I am just a beginner. This looked very promising but this many mistakes are only detrimental for a beginner and will create bad habits.
Comment from author
Sorry, that claim about manual checking was on an earlier version and the checking was not repeated after fixing the lemmatization error, so the some of the bad sentences might have gotten back in. Also, the checking was mainly for the correctness of translations and general grammar, not the lemmas. I will publish a new version of this some time soon, please give it another try then.
> The author should have put care to make the sentences more literal
Unfortunately I do not control this part. The sentences are from Tatoeba and sometimes they use idiomatic translations.
> will create bad habits
I recommend having plenty of exposure to other sources of content and delete cards whenever you are unsure/can't verify if they are correct.

EDIT: In the current version, the first 2000 cards had been more rigorously checked.
on 1642075203
I wish it had more words! Spasiba though! :D
on 1640966362
up to rank 5000, this is good for beginner. but when I look words over +9000, too many useless words.. I guess..? But thanks for author .really !
on 1639426772
absolutely wonderful deck!
on 1634316558
Nice deck. Thank you
on 1634045439
Excellent deck, however I suggest modifying Anki settings to only show audio on front, then show Russian and small print English transcripts on back of card. This arrangement emphasizes listening rather than reading comprehension.

Also, make an effort to repeat audio aloud before looking at transcript. Unless you have exceptional audio memory, this will force you to (a) understand audio, (b) store meaning in short-term memory in language neutral form (images, etc), (c) actively use Russian grammar and vocabulary to recreate audio as you speak. This method thus builds both listening comprehension and active grammar skills.
on 1633964178
A really nice deck
on 1633951834
Great deck
on 1633888775
There isn't a better deck