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Sketchy Pharm (created by @nicolet.life)

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This is a complete deck that covers all of the Sketchy Pharm sketches. The best way to study for pharmacology in medical school for classes, USMLE and COMLEX! The cards in this deck contain small, cropped portions of the overall sketch - these force you to focus on all of the small details of each sketch. **Notes with the tag "*edited_by_nicolet.life" are cards for which Nicolet added her own memory hook. If you do not want to use these, feel free to delete them by sorting your cards by that specific tag, highlighting all the cards under that tag, and simply deleting them.** ***Text in grey font is supplemental information. Text in black font is the most important, high yield information.*** This deck was created with love by @nicolet.life Instagram: @nicolet.life Website: www.nicolet.life Twitter: @nicolet_life ~

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Back Warfarin ("Warfarin, What is it Good for?") Warfarin anticoagulation can be reversed w/ FFP (immediate reversal effect)FFP = fresh frozen plasma
Tags pharmacology
Front sunken LDL ship
Back Bile acid resins, ezetimibe, PCSK9 inhibitors ("Lipids under the sea") ezetimibe causes upregulation of LDL receptors & uptake of circulating LDL → decreased serum LDL
Tags lipid_lowering_drugs pharmacology
Front small kid passing "XO" note in purine-shaped collection plate,big kid passing "XO" note to girl w/ knitting needles
Back Gout drugs ("Confessions of a Knit-wit") purine metabolism produces uric acid- purines are converted to hypoxanthine - xanthine oxidase converts hypoxanthine to xanthine- xanthine oxidase converts xanthine to uric acid
Tags pharmacology

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on 1547763218
love how the deck is organized and that is has EVERYTHING! thank you so much!!!
on 1546017985
on 1544197503
Best of luck nicolet made pharm easy with this
Comment from author
You guys, I am loving all of your wonderful comments and feedback! I really appreciate the reviews. Please let me know if there are any updates you desire. Best of luck with your studies!
on 1539958666
Really great explanations and pictures from UWorld and First Aid!

Thank you Nicolet.life!
Comment from author
You are so welcome! I tried to make them comprehensive, I'm glad it turned out so!
on 1539954916
First Aid references. UWorld references. Simple explanations. Mnemonics and memory hooks.

on 1538342762
Love the screenshots of First Aid and UWorld! Helps so much with explanations. THANK YOU NICOLET
on 1536102766
Thanks so much!
on 1535583935
Great deck!
on 1535457294
Thanks so much for these decks!
on 1535426766

Nicolet I swear when you posted on your story that this was ready for download I jumped for my computer to figure out how to get this deck.

YOU ARE AMAZE-BALLZ <3 So organized!!!!!
on 1535426582
FINALLY A GOOD SKETCHY PHARM DECK. Geez it took long enough.

This is freaking GOLD. Looks like Nicolet added a ton of explanations in light grey (so as not to be distracting to the important text) and lots of First Aid screenshots for reference. Wow. So happy I found this before boards. Thank you Nicolet!!!
on 1535426146
I have literally been WAITING for Nicolet to upload these decks! So so so excited and seriously already started reviewing them tonight immediately after downloading. So far they are amazingly organized!!! Thank you Nicolet!