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Al Kitaab Part One (OpenArabic.org)

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The deck lists the Fusha, Syrian, and Egyptian words along with English translation. This vocabulary list is associated with the first part of the Al Kitaab series. The vocabulary was copied by OpenArabic.org

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Fusha حارّ، حارّة
Shami شوب
Masri حَر
English hot (adjective) (used for things and places)
Lesson 5
Fusha رَجَعَ يَرجِع الرُّجوع من / إلى
Shami رِجِع يرجَع ع
Masri رِجِع يِرجَع
English to return
Lesson 13
Fusha وَالِدِي
Shami بابا
Masri بابا
English my father
Lesson 1

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on 1645797066
Awesome set for Al-Kitaab Part 1.
on 1570788243
It contains the words of the al-Kitaab vocabulary in formal arabic as well as the two dialects.
on 1569892706
Very helpful!
on 1549137926
Shukran, saves me a lot of time.
on 1549137661