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Taiwan Traditional PAVC practical audio visual chinese

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The data from the Taiwanese teaching chinese books PAVC (practical audio visual chinese) from book 1 to book 5. This deck contains -the vocabulary, grammar from PAVC (1-5) -some extra vocabulary from HSK -the wonderful deck 實用視聽華語 for PAVC The words or expression are tagged by Book/Chapter.

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Chinese 涼風習習
Simplified 凉风习习
Pinyin liángfēngxíxí
English PV: a cool breeze is blowing [B5-L11]
Tags B5-Extra B5-L11
chinese 玩兒
pinyin wán -rto play, enjoy
type V
examples 小孩子都很喜歡玩兒.
Tags 1-10
Chinese 流連
Simplified 流连
Pinyin liúlián
English V: to be reluctant to leave, to be unwilling to part with [B5-L14]
Tags B5-L14

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Its good. PAVC has a solid order to hanzi and pragmatically teaches related words.