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Thai 1000 Common Words (incl. Audio, Phonetics, Examples)

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Flashcards deck from the word bank of our popular language learning application L-Lingo Thai. The deck includes the following: - Thai word incl. classifier - Thai word in phonetics - English translation - Native, high quality audio - Example sentence for each word If you like this deck and want to study Thai, please try our language learning app L-Lingo Thai which contains more than 4000 Thai words, 105 lessons and grammar notes.

Sample (from 1000 notes)

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word_eng yellow
word_tha สีเหลือง [สี]
word_phonetic sĕe lĕuang [sĕe]
form noun
sentence_tha ผู้หญิง สาว แต่งกาย ใน ชุด สีเหลือง.
sentence_phonetic pôo yĭng săao dtàeng gaai nai chút sĕe lĕuang.
sentence_eng The young woman is dressed in yellow.
word_eng walk
word_tha เดิน
word_phonetic dern
form verb
sentence_tha เขา กำลัง เดิน ไป ตาม ถนน.
sentence_phonetic kăo gam-lang dern bpai dtaam tà-nŏn.
sentence_eng He is walking down the street.
word_eng hat
word_tha หมวก [ใบ]
word_phonetic mùak [bai]
form noun
sentence_tha เด็กผู้หญิง สวม หมวก สี น้ำเงิน เพื่อ ป้องกัน ตัวของเธอ จาก ดวงอาทิตย์.
sentence_phonetic dèk pôo yĭng sŭam mùak sĕe nám ngern pêua bpông gan dtua kŏng ter jàak duang aa-tít.
sentence_eng The girl is wearing a blue hat to protect her from the sun.

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on 1628009660
What a great deck!
on 1619607150
on 1598248876
Great for memorizing common words, and great pronunciation that I can practice along with. Also has example sentences which is a great plus!
on 1562754441
useful with sentences
on 1555288950
Nice selection of words with audio. The example sentences are very helpful too.
on 1550486773
I have found this deck to be Very useful.
on 1544944350
It's very nice, but for me I think it's best to focus on a bit smaller words first. F.ex. it would be nice to learn child (dek) before learning baby since dek is a part of the thai word for baby. It's like this for many different phrases here. I focus a bit on core 100 words from thaipod101.com first, then this core 1000 words is a perfect next thing to focus on.

I just want to add that a study technique I've employed which I'm very happy with is to first only hear the audio (use headset and look away from screen, keeping a finger on the "r" key for replaying the audio in the anki app), then look at the thai script, and then lastly (if needed) look at the romanization.
on 1531608479
audio is very useful, good job!