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Japanese Core 2000 Step 09 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

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This is the 9th step of Japanese Core 2000. This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the one I have on my PC. Level - lower intermediate

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Expression 一つ例をあげてください。
Meaning Please give an example.例 -- example, precedent
Reading ひとつ れい を あげて ください
iKnowID sentence:250283
iKnowType sentence
Expression 地震で家がぐらぐらと揺れた。
Meaning The house shook because of the earthquake.ぐらぐら -- wobble
Reading じしん で いえ が ぐらぐら と ゆれた
iKnowID sentence:250303
iKnowType sentence
Expression これを速達で送りたいのですが。
Meaning I want to send this by express delivery.速達 -- special delivery, express mail
Reading これ を そくたつ で おくりたい の です が
iKnowID sentence:250419
iKnowType sentence

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ありかど こさいましだ!
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Most word are repeats. Good one anyway
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gracias por su trabajo, es sumamente util
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more natural japanese
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Thank you!

Thank you so very much for uploading all of the 'Core 2000 steps' decks. They are amazing and you are so nice to make them available again! Thanks!!!
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