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All Russian sentences with audio from Tatoeba

117.96MB. 4690 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-12-20.
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This deck contains all of the Russian sentences from Tatoeba that have an audio recording, along with translations to several languages. They are arranged according to difficulty using MorphMan. If you are interested in the technical side of generating the deck or wish to obtain similar decks for other languages, read this page.

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
sentence_id 6440984
rus Я услышал, как Том смеётся в соседней комнате.
jpn トムが隣の部屋で笑っているのが聞こえた。
MorphMan_Index 80717
MorphMan_Unmatures услышал, том, как, соседней, я, комнате, смеётся, в
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 8
MorphMan_Unknowns услышал, том, как, соседней, я, комнате, смеётся, в
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 8
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 282
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 1066033
rus Я здоров.
eng I'm healthy.I'm in good health.
fra Je suis en bonne santé.
deu Ich bin bei guter Gesundheit.Ich bin gesund.
ukr Я здоровий.
MorphMan_Index 20430
MorphMan_Unmatures я, здоров
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 2
MorphMan_Unknowns я, здоров
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 2
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 569
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 2607103
rus Вот счёт.
eng Here is the bill.Here's the bill.
fra Voici la facture.
ukr Ось рахунок.
MorphMan_Index 20981
MorphMan_Unmatures вот, счёт
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 2
MorphMan_Unknowns вот, счёт
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 2
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 18
Tags mm_notReady

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on 1662491177
Lookiing forward for an update :)
on 1662389146
Fantastic deck!!! Really useful, thanks a lot. Real voices are much better than any TTS and Morphman is a game changer too. Are you planning on releasing an updated version? There are >7.5k sentences now. I have tried to read your guide but I'm afraid it's way above my technical skills...
on 1651601809
Good audio, but not suitable for beginners.
The "easiest" sentence in the deck is "For once in my life I'm doing a good deed... And it is useless." (WHY was this ranked easier than "What is this?"), so you definitely don't want to study this as a beginner, but I could see it being a great deck for intermediate students because it has real human audio and not computer voices, which often make mistakes in their pronunciation.
Comment from author
Well, Один раз в жизни я делаю хорошее дело... И оно бесполезно… (For once in my life I'm doing a good deed... And it is useless) 😛

But seriously, I think your Anki settings sort the cards by the field `sentence_id` instead of due order. That sentence has a low `sentence_id` because it is an early addition to Tatoeba, but but it is located late (~97%) in the order of the deck. The first few sentences are in fact simple one-word ones:
• Всё.
• Хорошо.
• Знаю.
• etc…
on 1616830087
Comment from author
Great to hear :-)
on 1600343866
a great resource, thanks!
on 1587337193
very practical and usefull
Comment from author
on 1580765846
Very good
Comment from author