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Anno's Primary Korean Sentence Deck

109.29MB. 1659 audio & 43 images. Updated 2013-08-07.
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This is my personal primary Korean sentence deck. For more resources or information about my language study feel free to go to my language learning blog -- Acquiring Korean Language Blog The sentences in this deck are gleaned from a very large variety of sources. I have all the slang from the well-known list thats been circulating the web. I also should have all the sentences from the 500 Korean Verbs and 500 Korean Adjectives, as well as loads of sentences from Daum dictionary. The sentences from Daum were usually connected to words I had come across in my reading or in talking with people. Unfortunately very few of the sentences are tagged. Also, although the vast majority of sentences have an English translation not all do-- some I didn't feel the need for any, some required few notes in Korean. This deck will continue to be updated as I delete and add new information so keep checking for more sentences. I would like include audio as well. If you have problems with the deck or you don't like something, please do not post here but e-mail directly. Thank you. Questions/Comments: hanguageohakseng AT gmail.com

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Front 아내는 수입이 상당해요.
Back My wife earns a sizeable income.수입 [收入]--[명사]-1 돈이나 물품 따위를 거두어들임. 또는 그 돈이나 물품.-2 <경제>개인, 국가, 단체 따위가 합법적으로 얻어 들이는 일정액의 금액. 상당하다(相當―) 1【적당하다】(be) proper;fit;suitable;【어울리다】(be) becoming;befitting;appropriate;【맞먹다】(be) equivalent 《to》
Front 죽은 후에야 비로소 그의 존재 가치를 깨달았다
Back It was not until his death that I realized how much he meant to me.
Front  저는 사람들이 내숭이라고 뭐라고 할 수 있는데, 이건 진짜인데요. 저는 벌레가 세상에서 제일 무서워요. 
Back For me, people could say it's just pretense or something, but it's for real. The scariest thing in the world for me is bugs. 
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Thank you so much for making an effort to do this.
on 1615831425
Would be much better if the romanizations were in a separate field, it would be way quicker to remove them instead of having to edit cards one by one.
on 1608673910
This looks amazing! Thanks for the deck.
on 1607164670
Good flashcard
on 1606402171
Good sentences with good audio.
on 1590500681
Thx a lot
on 1521504000
thank you so much!!
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on 1476576000
Audio good, deck fields cluttered

This deck has a ton of natural high-quality audio. What makes it a problem for me, however, is that the romanizations are written in the same fields as the normal hangul writing! Tip to all deck creators out there: Please separate your data as much as possible between fields, so people who download your decks can customize them more easily. Having two fields, one called "hangul" and the other called "romanization", would have allowed the original deck creator to use the deck exactly how they wanted, and would have saved me time trying to figure out how to mass-delete the romanizations (rather than just leaving it in its own field and removing that field from the card model).
on 1475712000
Its really good

^ You can do it your self. Anki is very flexible.
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Changing the whole deck from front to back?


I like your deck but I would like to flip the whole deck from front to back so that when a studied deck comes up I actually have time to make up the sentence in my head before the audio comes up. I would also had preferred if the English came up before the Korean due to the same reasons I stated above. I want to translate/make the sentence before it being given to me as I feel that would be much more helpful than just passively listen to the audio every time.

Thank you!
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