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Word moment
QType L
Instructions In this sentence, moment means:
Sentence At this moment, a television-news van arrived at the monkey house from Channel 4 in Washington.
Source The Hot Zone
Source URL https://www.amazon.com/Hot-Zone-Richard-Preston/dp/0385427107
Source Title The Hot Zone
Choices a permanent structure | a facility for storage or safekeeping | a particular geographical region | a particular point in time
Correct Answer a particular point in time
Blurb A moment is a particular point in time. Some moments you remember forever: like the moment you earned your driver's license or the moment you learned that you passed your organic chemistry class. A moment is a short, but unspecified, amount of time. At Thanksgiving, you are supposed to take a moment to be grateful for friends and family. Or maybe you have been asked to observe a "moment of silence" for a national tragedy. Moment can also mean "importance." If you say something is "of little moment," then you are saying it doesn't matter.
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Word produce
QType S
Instructions produce means to:
Source URL
Source Title
Choices turn over | back up | bring forth | close off
Correct Answer bring forth
Definition In this question, produce is a verb that means to bring forth or yield.
Blurb To produce is to create, manufacture, or cultivate. We rely on agriculture to produce food and artists to produce art. As a noun, produce (accented first syllable) is the product of gardening: fruits and vegetables. The verb form of this word (accented last syllable) has several meanings, all related to making, creating, bringing forth, or raising. At the airport, you might be asked to produce (show) some identification. To produce results is to get a job done or to have something to show for your work. To produce children is to give birth to them or raise them.
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Word differ
QType F
Sentence How they all think alike under similar circumstances, and never ________!
Source Time
Source URL https://www.fs.blog/2015/08/schopenhauer-on-reading/
Source Title What You Didn't Know About the Act of Reading Books
Choices fester | muster | render | differ
Correct Answer differ
Definition In this question, differ is a verb that means to have dissimilar or unlike opinions.
Blurb To differ is to be different, or to vary. Your list of favorite movies might differ from your sister's, especially if you like romantic comedies and she likes action films. Gas prices differ from state to state, and sometimes even from one side of the street to the other. Opinions on politics can often differ within a single family, and sometimes food preferences differ so much that no one can decide where to eat lunch. The verb differ can mean simply "be unlike," but it can also mean "clash" or "dissent." The Latin root, differre, combines dis, "away from," with ferre, "carry."
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