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Speaking Brazilian School - Portuguese for Beginners

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This deck was created to help students of Brazilian Portuguese. Beginner level.

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Front light
Back leve
Front Do you accept credit card?
Back Você aceita cartão?
Front soda
Back refrigerante

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Great job!
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obrigado Virginia!
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Amazing! For the guy that said he has an iPad... use your phone and pay for the app, or use a desktop computer, not iPad
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Doesn’t help me out. I have an Apple iPad. How can I do this need help?
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Extremely useful!
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Love these extra tools that have already been integrated into the learning platform!!!
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Great content
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Espero aprender portugués con esto.
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Muito bom!
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Good selection of phrases.
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Excellent beginner's deck that will inspire you to begin building your own decks
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It helps a lot!
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Great deck!
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It is very useful!
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