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Arwyddion dwyieithog Cymraeg / Welsh bilingual signs

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When I was visiting Wales in the summer of 2019 I took many photos of bilingual signs and other Welsh-language materials. This deck uses the sentences and phrases from these images. Each card has a Welsh→English side (comprehension) and English→Welsh side (production); make sure they are not shown together in the same session (check ‘Bury related new cards / reviews until the next day’ in the deck options). If you find some sentences too long or confusing, use the ‘suspend card/note’ option. An archive of the signs can be found here.

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id 392
cy Rhif
en-translation Number
id 627
cy Croeso i Barc a Gardd Goed Bute, sef ardal fawr o barcdir aeddfed sy’n ffurfio ‘calon werdd’ Caerdydd
en Welcome to Bute Park & Arboretum, an extensive area of mature parkland that forms the ‘green heart’ of Cardiff
id 692
cy Heledd yr Helwraig
en Heledd the Huntswoman

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It is a lot easier to associate the words seeing the images. Thank you very much
Comment from author
Yeah, the visual stimulation helps by anchoring the newly obtained knowledge in something conrete.

By the way, you might want to check out another Welsh deck of mine, which has audio along with the written text: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/90991462

— Júda