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Life in the UK 2021 Complete

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This deck covers nearly every sentence in the Life in the UK 2021 study guide. Some of these questions will be obvious, and others will be unbelievably trivial, but they say they have a database of thousands of questions. A few parts of the book are outdated or inaccurate, which I have noted [in brackets], but the test is based on what is in the book. The test will be easier than this because it is multiple choice. Good luck on your test!

Sample (from 1654 notes)

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Front What are some famous British pop bands from the 1960s?
Back The Beatles and The Rolling Stones
Tags Arts-and-culture Modern-thriving-society
Front Who led the Norman invasion?
Back William, the Duke of Normandy (in what is now northern France)
Tags Early-Britain History
Front What are some large venues that host music events in the UK?
Back Wembley StadiumThe O2 in Greenwich, south-east LondonThe Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow
Tags Arts-and-culture Modern-thriving-society

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on 1658350265
I can confirm it covers the topics from the exam. Indeed it covers much more than required for the test but you are not a cheater study full material
on 1650099978
Thank you so much.
on 1644587827
Great deck, thanks!
on 1640008792
Appreciate these cards and especially tags. They helped me pass the test. I was going at an intense pace of 40 new cards per day and in a month I reached ~900 cards + burnout lol, which covered all of the history chapters and some basic facts. The real test didn't ask a single date only very surface level questions like who fought in the battle of Waterloo. Nevertheless after studying the cards I felt very confident taking the test and was done in 4 minutes. Bear in mind I took lots of practice tests on various websites.
on 1635156139
on 1629717500
Very thorough.