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MatthewHawkins.co | BritVSJapan's Super Simple RTK Deck

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This is an updated version of the deck found here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1967591256 This deck doesn't contain any of the useless content that comes in other RTK decks. You will need to download the KanjiStrokeOrders font found here: http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ Contains: Kanji with stroke order (install KanjiStrokeOrders font) Keyword Heisig number Field for your stories What's changed? - I have removed the community stories as it is much more beneficial for you to create your own stories. Pre-made stories don't stick as well as your own. - I have included a stroke count field so that you can check that you write out the correct number of strokes easier. - Based on the advice from MattVSJapan's video I have included multiple fonts for the characters so that you can tell the difference between fonts used in print and handwritten fonts (the first 2 displayed are printed and the second 2 are handwritten). If you need more information about Remembering the Kanji and how to study with it, then you can check out my ultimate guide to remembering 3000 kanji in 90 days and you should also pick up a copy of Remembering the Kanji 1 and 3 to get a deeper understanding of the method.

Sample (from 3007 notes)

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Kanji 婿
Keyword bridegroom
My Story
Stroke Count 12
Heisig Number 395
Keyword verify
My Story
Stroke Count 15
Heisig Number 2710
Keyword second
My Story
Stroke Count 9
Heisig Number 899

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on 1669831674
The RRTK deck is based on this one:


Both are great in their own way. I appreciate the cleanliness and simplicity of this one, and I appreciate the radicals in the stories (in parenthesis) and the 6th ed ordering of the other one.
on 1654317982
Very helpful
on 1622317012
Comes just with the necessary information.
on 1617120287
Makes studying RTK much more comfortable
on 1614294594
Clean and very easy to learn from.
on 1607005836
Simple way to learn RTK
on 1598106711
Thank you! You made my life a lot more convenient!
on 1585920375
Great deck.
on 1581807561
Muito bom
on 1577538813
Excelente! Me poupou um tempo considerável, e essa fonte com a ordem dos traços foi outra ajuda muito bem vinda.
Muito obrigado! Thank you very much! どうもありがとうございます!
on 1555589836
I really like the deck, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t use the latest editions of the books.
If anybody wants an updated version I recommend getting a deck with RTK 1 (6th edition) and 3 (3rd Edition) and changing the field names and then just adding the HTML code from this deck.
on 1551790702
This was very helpful at first but unfortunately it doesn't match up with the 6th edition so certain kanji that are included in that edition are missing here. If there was any way to update it this would be perfect deck though.
on 1551737295
Very nice deck, and neatly organized. Im very grateful that you made this deck for all of us!

There is but one mistake, I may have spotted:
Heisig# 77, straightaway is 直 with a hook, but it seems to be without a hook in you deck.
When I wrote this, I found that the hook is not really displayed. What cause has this? Is it because it is not used in digital fonts?
on 1541007584
Very nice and clean deck you can build on top and make your own.
on 1534622266
Really useful!
on 1532791954
Really nice and clean RTK I, III deck.
on 1529047447
When I add the deck this happens :
"Some updates were ignored because note type has changed" and it lists about 300 kanji which aren't added to the deck. Help?
on 1528941685
Excelent deck ! thanks matthew I appreciate your effort. :D, I hope see my results with ajatt and your advices.