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French 500 coloured words with pictures and audio

5.66MB. 480 audio & 487 images. Updated 2015-06-02.


500 coloured French words with pictures and audio. Each card contains a picture, with the accompanying word coloured blue for masculine and red for feminine, along with male and female voices to aid memorisation.

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
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on 1670280317
I refuse to believe that someone invested so much time and effort to upload all the pictures and intentionally left out the English word, effectively throwing everything in the trash and making it useless.
on 1650472445
Must include gender articles! They are a part of the word, not separate from them. But thank you for sharing nonetheless.
on 1640449986
on 1636481445
on 1634751723
Großartig zum Lernen von Vokabeln. Ich bin gerade dabei, für alle Substantive das französische Geschlecht und die deutsche Übersetzung zu ergänzen. Wenn ich alle Karten durch habe, lade ich das Deck wieder hoch als neue Version.
on 1632111717
Would recommend for A1-A2 students !
on 1628570910
Amazing deck, highly recommended!
on 1625325049
A good collection and helpful attempt.
on 1624374893
I enjoyed it.
on 1620423318
Useful images!
on 1617124671
It's missing precisely what I want. Grammar words. But also missing verbs that I expected to see. This deck has a big focus on nouns. Two words I expected to see in it but are missing for example are allors and aller.
on 1614450997
love that the feminine words are sopken by a female and masculine words are spoken by a male
on 1611601886
on 1607805283
on 1601040488
thank you
on 1592809982
Great help!
on 1591217002
Overall, good deck. It's a really great base, but the only real way to learn is to customize this so the pictures make sense to you.

Just a heads up, there is a mistake with le fer- it means iron as in the material e.g. "I have an iron pan" but right now it has a picture for an iron as in "I need to wait for the iron to get hot to press my clothes"
on 1590158585
saves me from cutting and pasting, and excellent picture choices
on 1588433154
Learning is easier with pictures and no traduction.
on 1587308782
But I don´t know how to open, after downloaded.
on 1586743621
on 1586298047
on 1585968114
on 1585053815
There are no articles in the deck... That means that the deck provides only half of the information that it ought to. However, that means that making the 'perfect deck' is only a few clicks away per card. I hope to be able to improve this by adding my own as I go through it.
on 1574840206
I can only reinforce what this commenter said:

I just wanted to respond to the critics about lack of articles/gender references in this deck.
These shared decks can be an amazing resource. Someone has taken the time to develop this deck and share it with all of us free-loaders. Then, people complain that it doesn't have articles/gender?
Here's a suggestion: Download and do the deck. Add articles as you go. You'll learn the words better as you have to look up the articles/gender. Then, when you're done improving the deck, upload and share it!
Instead of criticizing the world, go do the hard work and make it better. :-)
on 1570480755
No article! That is the biggest mistake ever!
on 1566555584
Really nice but please include English meaning also
on 1564568359
I like the colour coding in combination with the pictures a lot. Makes you think, therefore learn!
on 1557061597
Thank you for this! =)
on 1554326055
Not always easy to see what in a picture is being referred to. Otherwise good stuff.
on 1552931887
Brilliant tool
on 1548184930
it's useful
on 1542388707
Ótimo deck de palavras soltas
on 1542347436
Nice deck! I like the color-coded genders and that masculine words are pronounced by a masculine voice, and feminine words by a female voice. Thanks so much for sharing your work.
on 1538551693
nul sa puie le caca
on 1536756936
I just wanted to respond to the critics about lack of articles/gender references in this deck.
These shared decks can be an amazing resource. Someone has taken the time to develop this deck and share it with all of us free-loaders. Then, people complain that it doesn't have articles/gender?
Here's a suggestion: Download and do the deck. Add articles as you go. You'll learn the words better as you have to look up the articles/gender. Then, when you're done improving the deck, upload and share it!
Instead of criticizing the world, go do the hard work and make it better. :-)
on 1534414467
Well-picked words, easy to organize and repeat every day. After a while, it gets very easy to remember "ah, this word has the grammatical female gender" because I recognize the voice that reads it. Some pronunciations are pretty bad (banana is a particularly hilarious example because it just won't stop).

The easiest way to study these (as always) is to suspend all cards and then review a batch of them & unsuspend the ones you've reviewed once (also, pull in your own photos using google images, maybe? Otherwise, who knows what word the blurry-black and white outline of a person should be - if you guessed "vieux", that's it.)
on 1533545194
Great way to refresh and extend the French words I learned 50 years ago :-)
on 1533086699
As far as I can tell, a word's gender is color-coded and the audio is masculine/feminine accordingly. So it's a pretty good deck.
on 1532895610
Have to learn French.
on 1528070400
Very good choice of words with color coded gender. Audio is pretty crappy but can easily be fixed using AwesomeTTS (Google translate).
on 1527897600
The article(la, le) is indicated by the color of the word

blue = masculine
red = feminine

read the damn description of the deck
on 1525996800
It doesn't include articles and doesn't tell you if the word is masculine or feminine, so it is basically useless
on 1525132800
on 1524355200
Very good deck with helpful pictures and audio. Like it :-)
on 1522368000
very good basic deck with common nouns and verbs. The audio would be better with the articles but I like the use of color coding for masculine and feminine. It's a great visual clue. I appreciate that someone went to the trouble to make and share this. Is it perfect? No, but it is a great resource. I think some people are too picky and too negative about its small faults. To make this deck yourself would take hours. Thank you to its creator for the effort.
on 1522022400
The cards don’t have examples.
on 1521417600
This words are just too difficult to learn for a beginner and there is no english translation.
on 1521158400
on 1520380800
This appears to be close to what I was looking for: verbs (gender not important) pronouns (singular is just fine) vocabulary (singular is ok). I hope to update my opinion as I use the deck to learn French. 201803006
on 1517875200
I used it. It is fine but not amazing. A lot of words that are not commonly used like tools and stuff like that. Picture are often poor quality. Worth doing as your first Anki for French though...
on 1517184000
This is exactly what I was looking for. It's the best way, in my opinion, to start learning vocabulary in a foreign language.
on 1516752000
All what I need to stady French.
on 1513382400
Great as a start. I miss the gender and the plural of the words ...
on 1513382400
So far is seems to be put together very well !
on 1512345600
Picture association, Masc vs Fem, Sound, What could be better
on 1511827200
Using great pictures
on 1509062400
on 1507248000
on 1506988800
How to import?

This is a great deck that I would like to use. How can I import this deck in AnkiApp ?
I have AnkiApp 2.7.0 installed on osx, but i see no option to import existing deck files (apkg)
on 1503792000
on 1500940800
on 1498348800
on 1493251200
on 1487376000
on 1487203200
on 1485561600
Love the style

Most of the problems I've had with the deck was because of anki's synchronization. I'm giving priority to decks with the same style in the future.
on 1481155200
Audio Needs Improvement But Overall a Good Deck

Overall this is a good deck but the problems I found with it were the large variance of volume levels between cards (sometimes it's a loud and strong masculine voice, and for others it's a timid, low volume female voice); also I found an error (it's actually on this page) for the number 11. The audio says "ehuf", which is nothing like how it should be pronounced in French.

The addition of photos for every card makes it much easier to absorb the information.
on 1480204800
The articles ARE INCLUDED!

Please, read the description and actually try out the set.

If the word is in blue and a male says the word, guess what gender that is...

If the word is in red and a female says the word...

After all, "le" and "la" just become invisible after so many times seeing them. I've found that studying this way makes a greater impact, being that it activates other regions of our brain in accessing the gender information.

Thank you to the author and I'm sorry that a number of people haven't appreciated your work.
on 1478995200
No articles, are you kidding?

Instant delete. No way I'm wasting time on something with that huge of mistake. Unbelievable, really!
on 1478908800
on 1478131200
on 1473552000
on 1472515200
French 500 coloured words with pictures and audio

on 1470528000

The images are pretty, unequivocal, and easily remembered. The system of displaying masculine words blue and feminine red is greatly helping me to keep in mind words' genders. I use to enunciate the whole thing, including the article "le" or "la". This activity, together with the colored writing, is picking in my mind, as a catchy experience. An old fear of me that I could fail to memorize the genders of French expressions, thus, is unexpectedly overcome, in a very pleasant way. I recently have read that learning words triggers the same processes in the brain like eating chocolate. In the case on hand, such a situation must appear as utterly plausible.
on 1469404800
Omitting the articles (masculine/feminine) is a critical flaw

To speak French, you have to learn the gender of all the nouns, and it just makes sense to learn the gender when you learn the noun, e.g. you don't want to learn fire is "feu", you want to learn that fire is "le feu". Sadly this otherwise awesome deck omits the articles, meaning you're going to have to come back and learn them all later. This is a critical omission that makes this deck (I cringe to say this...) almost not worth doing at all. But think about it: I'm going to invest some finite number of hours learning French. Given the choice, I'm definitely going to go with a a vocab resource that teaches me the articles over one that doesn't.
I'm investigating whether I can find a way to add the articles and share the update.
on 1468627200
on 1468368000
on 1467331200
Best Anki set I have used so far

Random words to build your vocabulary, usually around a theme
Great visual/audio recognition

Sometimes the pronunciation is off (i would pair with google translate)
Sometimes the pictures don't make sense (rare, but again google translate)

Highly recommend to anyone who understands the grammar and basics of french, but need a kickstart on just memorizing nouns/verbs. I wish I had this for other languages
on 1466812800
on 1465344000
on 1463529600
on 1463270400

I am gonna be sooo smart after using this set, thank-you to the author!
on 1462924800
on 1461715200

Awesome deck with many important words and clean organization.
on 1461715200
on 1460160000
on 1459900800
on 1459728000
Super deck, great photos!

Useful words, great photos. Started this about three months ago, am now at about 5-10 daily reviews to keep things fresh. (I don't push "easy" very much.) Well done deck!
on 1458432000
on 1457481600
on 1457222400
on 1456790400
on 1456531200
Top notch -- appreciate the work!

Excellent deck!

Would love to have the definitions as well (or a translation). Maybe someone could add them.
on 1454198400
verg useful

This Deck is very useful, it helped me to review basic words. It would be better if it was mentioned article of the word too, (masculin or feminin).
Thank you for making this deck
on 1452384000
on 1451260800
on 1449619200
on 1445558400