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Ultimate Spanish Conjugation

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To use this deck optimally, YOU ***MUST*** READ THE MANUAL. http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_ultimate_spanish_conjugation.html The FIRST SEVEN CARDS are an orientation. Do them first: Custom Study → Increase today's new card limit → 7 In eight months, learn to conjugate Spanish verbs in all tenses, from the present to the subjunctive past — all these tenses are used in Spanish, you cannot afford blind spots. This is a state-of-the-art deck driven by thousands of lines of code. Check it out, it's one of a kind. → Acquiring proper conjugation quickly is a superpower → You can even use this deck BEFORE you formerly start studying Spanish → The deck contains 72 carefully-selected verbs, the conjugations match those of the DLE (not computer-generated!) → Irregular verbs follow patterns: sample verbs in the deck cover all irregular conjugation patterns found in Spanish This is a carefully-designed deck, crafted and debugged with care over weeks of development, and driven by thousands of line of Python code. To get the most benefit, it's essential that you read the manual, in particularly: 1. the part about verbal and visual cues: http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_ultimate_spanish_conjugation.html#cues 2. the guide to pace the study http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_ultimate_spanish_conjugation.html#how Fixes, potential improvements: report on GitHub. https://github.com/boolbag/Anki-Goodies/tree/master/Decks/Spanish This deck was inspired by own "Ultimate Italian Conjugation" deck for Italian. http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_italian-conjugation-flashcards.html

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UUID ef959407-10d7-4672-a8bb-bf89a136c47a
Prompt ↧ En aquel momento ↧él/ella/usted {{c1::asió::…asir…}} (la cuerda)
Similar desasió←desasir
Notes The form asió is regular.asir : low irregularity, #55 in the deck out of 59 dissonant verbs, 10 counts (18%)The DLE has one other verb with this set of conjugation and spelling patterns.
Tags asir ends_in_ir indefinido irregular_verb low_irregularity regular_form él_ella_usted
UUID a5566934-6a44-4b68-9f50-86025293afd1
Prompt ⇠ En esa época, a menudo, ⇠ellos/ellas/ustedes {{c1::veían::…ver…}} (a varios médicos)
Similar preveían←preverentreveían←entreverreveían←revertrasveían←trasver
Notes Irregular form: the hypothetical regular form vían is incorrect.ver : moderate irregularity, #29 in the deck out of 59 dissonant verbs, 20 counts (37%)The DLE has 6 other verbs with this set of conjugation and spelling patterns.
Tags ellos_ellas_ustedes ends_in_er imperfecto irregular_form irregular_verb moderate_irregularity ver
UUID 26181b37-1a41-4f61-b280-aaa9864b0b01
Prompt ↬ Si en un dudoso futuro ↬tú/vos lo {{c1::corroyeres::…corroer…}}, ¡suerte!
Similar royeres←roer
Notes The form corroyeres is regular.The spelling change oie → oye is considered regular (preserves spelling rules and pronunciation)corroer : low irregularity, #36 in the deck out of 59 dissonant verbs, 11 counts (20%)The DLE has one other verb with this set of conjugation and spelling patterns.
Tags corroer ends_in_er irregular_verb low_irregularity regular_form regular_spelling_change subjuntivo_futuro tú_vos

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on 1669791509
Does the job!
on 1668933554
Really well made deck!
I think it's a bit better to first learn more vocabulary instead of starting out right from the beginning with Conjugation, so like to get a basic feel in the language, and then to do the conjugation worked really well for me!
on 1665755680
A brilliant deck
on 1662392015
Highly recommended for middling intermediate learners. If you are starting out and don't quite have the vocabulary to understand the example sentences, you may want to wait until you've built up more vocabulary.
I'm about 3 months in to this deck and it's skyrocketed my reading comprehension and been a boon to my listening comprehension as well.
After around verb #7 I stopped doing the Custom Study add of a whole new verb every few days like the guide says to do. After a couple months new cards became much easier and ~60 new cards every fourth day didn't seem to make sense to me like it did in the beginning, and it lead to reviews piling high on certain days that I started to dread. I switched to just adding 15 cards a day and the review forecast has since flattened out nicely.
I suspended the infinitives. After a while I suspended the future subjunctive, because as far as I can tell it's always formed just like the -ra- imperfect subjunctive, just with -re- in its place.
on 1660919789
Amazing. This deck de-mystifies verb conjugations by brute force.
on 1656257614
Great deck. I added an audio column and generated audios programmatically with AWS Polly.
on 1656117522
on 1654616445
on 1652482461
Great resource and seems very promising after a few days of studying. Can’t say much more at the moment as I just started.

I would appreciate it though if the manual was available to every country and not only through a VPN (from Peru for example).
on 1652446128
Took a little while for me to figure out how it works. I don't know if I would have been able to convince myself to learn this deck before starting to actaully take spanish lessons, but I think if a person was willing to put in the time to get this down before taking any formal classes you would really benifit. I found it very tedious and difficult to begin with but now that I'm through the first six verbs I am excited to continue. It has already helped my understanding, and ability to identify verbs in context, even ones I've never seen before. I have a very good chance of at least getting the subject and whether its future, past, present, even if I don't know the meaning yet.

Thanks a bunch to the author for putting this together and for sharing!
on 1651937463
Excellent deck. I recommend reading the guide if you are confused but this is probably the best tool out there for learning Spanish.
on 1648307833
Awesome. I wish there were decks like that for conjugating verbs in English and other languages. Thanks!!
on 1647866642
Wonderful idea to concentrate on irregular verbs first.
The deck is constructed in a way that all options with ANKI are open.

The proposed way to learn each verb via "Custom learning" (in the manual) is very cranky, unreliable and not conform with the ANKI algorithm.
Since each verb is tagged, it's much easier to create a "filtered subdeck" for each verb, for example:

"deck:[Shared] Ultimate Spanish Conjugation" tag:ser

This way one can use the full power of the ANKI algorithm, can even empty a filtered subdeck, when it is learned.
on 1646265906
INCREDIBLY good. I can't believe how much work must have gone into this, Andy. Thank you so much for creating this.

I was at around a B1-B2 when I started this deck because I was embarrassed at how bad my conjugations were. Now when I'm talking the right conjugations seem to come to my lips effortlessly, and it makes me sound much better at Spanish than I really am :)

One other major benefit. I cracked open a Spanish book I'd been reading 2-3 weeks before I started this deck. Back then, I'd circled an entire paragraph and written "???" next to the whole thing. I knew every word, but the conjugations made it way too complicated for me to puzzle out without using DeepL or Google. After starting this deck, it was completely transparent. It was several sentences in a row like this: "If he were a better man, he would never have thought of having done such a thing." Again, it was Greek to me before this deck. Dead easy after studying just the first few verbs.

Some tips:
-If you don't want to study the vos form: go to the browser, search for "tag:vos" and suspend them.
-If you don't want to study the future subjunctive: search for "tag:subjuntivo_futuro" and suspend them.
-If you don't want to study the vosotros form: search for "tag:vosotros" and suspend them.
-If reading "ellos/ellas/ustedes" gets to be a strain, you might want to replace that long awkward phrase with "ellos" or "ellas" or "ustedes"
Try these searches:

tag:ellos_ellas_ustedes -tag:imperativo (for all of them)

tag:ellos_ellas_ustedes -tag:imperativo uuid:re:^\b[a-f] (a random 1/3 of them)
tag:ellos_ellas_ustedes -tag:imperativo uuid:re:^\b[3-9] (another random 1/3)
tag:ellos_ellas_ustedes -tag:imperativo uuid:re:^\b[0-2] (another random 1/3)

-search and replace the term "ellos/ellas/ustedes" with whichever pronoun (ellos or ellas or ustedes) you want in each random 1/3.
on 1645327126
Too many idioms of Argentina... Would be better a neutral Spanish
on 1645233555
Truly an incredible deck. I do recommend reading the guide to use it properly, it's absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, the site the guide was hosted on is no longer up and running. Luckily, you can still read it by using the wayback machine. Here's a link to the archived guide.

on 1644780172
Incredible resource for learning a core component of Spanish.
on 1644719220
It has been so helpful for me, thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
on 1644257225
on 1643878762
on 1643664126
Very well put together, I appreciate all the hard work put into this deck.
on 1643483066
Holy shit, this deck is so awesome!
I understand, if complete beginners feel a little overwhelmed. For me as an intermediate who neglected the conjugation stuff for most tenses for too long, this deck is pure gold. So good! Thanks for the shitload of work that went into this!
on 1643326636
I just started and it is amazing! I am brazilian and took a lot of Spanish classes but a LONG time ago. Verb conjugation is the worst for me and this is helping a lot.

The fact that I can consciously NOT LEARN the "vosotros" and "Subjunctive Future" tags is H-U-G-E.

I literally DO NOT CARE about vosotros and it is super difficult in my opinion. I am team "ustedes" and that's it.
on 1642612173
Amazing deck. Make it yours by manipulating tags. Clear, user-friendly, but also very complex and elaborate. We can see the tremendous amount of work that went into this project. Helped me get the Spanish B2 level within 7 months of learning the language. Couldn't have done it without this deck!!!
on 1640054947
I would not recommend for beginners.
on 1636095747
Great deck to finally take care of all the irregular conjugations that I struggle with
on 1635961361
thank you
on 1634763395
This is not for beginners, You have to know a good amount of Spanish to read the prompt and it doesn't even tell you what the word your conjugating means. I read the manual over trying to understand how you are supposed to study this but it doesn't help 😔.
on 1634416550
By far the best deck I've seen. Andy, the author, has done an incredible job. The deck is tidy, complete, accurate and very convenient. It uses colors and formatting, provides you with additional info, verbal and visual cues, and much more. It's more than just another deck, there is a method you should follow to optimize the learning process. Although I'm just starting, it looks very promising. Just don't be lazy and carefully RTFM first.

Highly recommended!
on 1632505923
Literally the best spanish resource I've encountered for anki, going through this deck has helped so much in getting past the intermediate plateau.
on 1632314866
on 1630871087
This has got to be the best language learning deck format that I've ever seen and there need to be more decks like it. If you're thinking about learning a language in Anki, please do yourself a favor and look at this deck, because this is the way language learning actually works for humans.

I see a lot of conjugation decks on Anki and the vast majority aside from this one are borderline useless. They do some rather silly things like ask you what the "first person plural past subjunctive" is for some arbitrary verb, or they ask you to drum up an entire table of verb conjugations like it's the 1800s. If you're speaking in the real world, you're not going to answer those questions in your head when the time comes for you to speak. You're not even going to be able to map what that kind of question ought to be before your listener comes to conclude that you can't speak their language. Even if your writing, that style of thinking is tortuous and is liable to evolve into you feeling inept and unwilling to study. You need to map directly from the context of the situation to the word that you that you say, and that's what this deck does. Users are prompted to fill in for the missing verb conjugation using a cloze completion on a generic sentence that one might encounter in every day language. Only one conjugation is required per card, and context is the only thing you map from.

Furthermore, the deck is comprehensive, it is generated programmatically, and its source is highly official. That's about as could as you can get to minimizing human error. There may be errors, but if so I haven't found them, and if there are any, you're not likely to find or make a better deck. You can go with confidence knowing that if you study this deck you will be given the most that can be offered through Anki, and knowing how effective SRS can be compared to traditional tutoring, I think that's about the best thing you can give yourself short of full immersion.

And yes, you may not want to learn 5000 verbs but that's okay. The deck is ordered so that the most important verbs come first, so if you crap out, you've still maximized the time you've spent on it. If the cards are hard, just limit the new cards per day. I will say this deck is difficult at the default speed, so I've customized the speed to do 5 new cards per day for this deck. If it's slow enough that you find it comfortable to commit to, then sooner or later you will get through it, and when you do, you'll be able to state something about what you've learned.

Frankly, the cloze completion format that's used by this deck should also be applied to learning other things in language besides conjugation. I'm currently writing a series of scripts that will generate a similarly formatted deck for Spanish pronouns and their declensions, since Spanish declensions have always felt like a blind spot. The only thing I plan to do differently in my deck is to add more ways to express context for the user: I'm going to provide an English translation of the Spanish sentence, in addition to a pictographic representation generated using emoji in a large font size.

More broadly, I'm considering the impact of this deck format for learning other languages with even more inflection systems. For instance, in Latin this deck format would be ideal for learning declensions, pronoun declensions, possessive pronouns, and adjective agreement, not just conjugation. I'm hoping the scripts I'm writing right now can be applied broadly to many languages without adding considerable effort.
on 1630334129
This is one of those tools that you just have to do... every day... and after a few months all of the sudden the patterns will start to emerge in your head, and reading will become so much easier... and from there all things start to flow smoother. Thank you so much for this effort!!
on 1627117318
So much love was put into this. Thank you.
on 1626398264
Best conjugation in the world
on 1622222317
Read through the user manual and the flash cards are still confusing. It says the verb to conjugate should be in brackets. I have a card that only has [...] and then text in blue. This is not explained in the anatomy of the flashcard. The verbal and visual cues section is also confusing. I think it would help to give examples in English so it'd be easier to understand. I'm having to go back and forth between the flash card, the user manual, and Google try to piece together an understanding of things like what does infinitive, gerund, etc. Also I think it'd be helpful to have the verb translated to English on the card to, without it it has less meaning because it's all words that I don't understand. Maybe this is just overwhelming in the beginning and will feel more helpful as I spend more time on it
on 1622079329

Thanks for this great deck.
on 1621423274
I am sure it is a nice deck, but I find it quite complicated
on 1621266575
This deck has helper me progress both my speaking and reading comprehension. After duoligo, babel, memrise and others this outstanding tool is a must have.
on 1620893519
good one
on 1620599000
Awesome. Thank you so much! I would loove this for French
on 1620284124
Thanks a lot for creating this deck. It has been incredibly helpful!
on 1619478531
Best deck I have yet seen. The amount of effort that must have gone into this is insane!
on 1619029821
Great Help! I was getting discouraged learning the conjugation.
on 1618230739
This deck is fabulous. After years of muddling through learning Spanish in my spare time, this deck has massively accelerated my learning. The format and content makes learning easy and informative. I only wish it existed for ALL the languages I want to learn! :)
on 1617165494
Perfect for the serious student who's willing to spend six to eight months to perfect his/her Spanish conjugation ability. Very thorough and well-thought-out.
on 1616669683
fantastic deck. Has helped my Spanish tremendously. Great work.
on 1616295398
Wow! Incredibly well thought out.
on 1616265517
This is BY FAR the best Spanish Anki Verb Conjugation Deck in the WORLDDDDD!!! I don't have words to describe how MUCH I love this deck and I look forward to using it everyday!! It may take you a minute to get up to speed initially with how to use it. I suggest you read the Ultimate Spanish Conjugation Manual as many times as necessary and jump in slowly! In "just a little time", I never would have imagined that I would be able to "EASILY" pick the next verb, and in one setting, know "EVERY" single tense, mood, etc conjugation for the verb...including vos and vosotros...and yes the Subjunctive Mood as well. Thank you so much for creating this deck! My Spanish life will never be the same. Did I say BEST in the WORLDDDDDD!!!!! Just wanted to make sure!!
on 1615946764
Fantastic deck. I am so excited to see what I learn after going through this deck. On day 3 at the moment of this deck and my Spanish learning journey. This deck works brilliantly and is truly one of a kind. You should definitely read the manual FIRST. It may take ~30 minutes to read, and you may be still confused at the end (especially if you're like me having never studied a romance language before), but after you do just start the deck and you WILL understand how it fully operates after a day or two. Thanks to the creator for this! :)

edit: I agree with the comment below mine too; in the MANUAL (not the cards themselves) the prompts should have the English translation so we know what they mean. This would provide clarity for beginners like me going through the manual for the first time not knowing a lick of Spanish.
on 1615756539
Totally brilliant. I would recommend to anyone. My only feedback is that it would be helpful to explain or translate the prompt parts of the card more thoroughly in English. Not on the card, but in the documentation. It's been a while since I've taken Spanish and I did my best too look up what the in "ha" in "Huga ha" is. I think it has other conjugations too but I don't remember them or remember where to look this up. I think a little primer sort of necessary for a non-student trying to "get ahead" as you say.
on 1614778626
You are an incredible human being. All of you work is thoroughly appreciated! Thank you!!!
on 1613325960
Very well researched, put together, and explained.
on 1613106881
Marvellous. Superb. Effective. Don't miss it.
on 1612322809
Extremely thorough and effective. Thank you!
on 1611221192
Awesome deck!!!

I'm in week 3 of using this deck and can see improvements already. This supplemented with my other learning resources is perfect!!!
on 1610653007
This deck follows a unique approach to learning Spanish by learning conjugation patterns first.
This can provide a jumpstart to learning the language. The deck is also constructed expertly.
on 1610391538
This is a massive effort, thank you so much for making this! I emphatically agree that parsing cards with instructions like "Believe; third person of the plural; future" is useless because that's not how the brain works when actually speaking; these in-context cards are so much better. If you want to use these, definitely read the instructions for how to use the cues: http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_ultimate_spanish_conjugation.html#cues
on 1609685298
This is a good deck. The author has put a lot of thought into putting this together. The visual cues are very helpful.
on 1609646783
Well thought of... great job!
on 1609590900
If you dont want to regret anything on your spanish journey, this will be one of the first things you implement into your routine!

Verbs and conjugations are (maybe "were" because of this deck) the hardest part of learning spanish. Now in less than a year you can basically master what took people multiple years/decades to figure out completely. Do yourself a favor and do this deck ASAP.

Andy thanks for your reply to my comment on the site (Input vs Output) and for making this deck public. Happy New Year!
on 1609116034
The author must put a lot of efforts. Many thanks.
on 1608671932
Incredible! Thanks a lot <3
on 1607876648
Wonderful deck, thank you for sharing. Echoing other comments...make sure to read the manual carefully so that you both understand the methodology behind its creation and setup/use the deck correctly.
on 1607114269
the best
on 1607030532
I haven't used it yet but I read the manual and the methodology is extremely thorough and inspiring. Looking forward to adding it to my daily routine!

UPDATE: Yep, this deck is great.
on 1606387901
Fantastic Desk - I am super grateful for the amount of thought and work that went into this. For anyone downloading this, don't be foolish and try to use this deck without reading the manual first.
on 1600949664
Awesome! Could be suggested to anybody learning spanish.
on 1600119736
An incredible resource! Truly a stunning amount of work by the creator, when you include all the coding, details, write-up, and support. You HAVE to read manual, but if you take the time to get it going it's an incredibly powerful deck. I'm still working through it, but I feel like this is going to help reading comprehension a huge amount.
on 1599586233
A huge amount of work went into this project and it really shows. I recommend reading the manual for anyone with any doubts about this colossal project. I am so impressed. And so grateful. Read the manual anyway though - it's a good read anyway.
on 1599075802
Can't tell you how grateful I am. This deck is taking care of what's been a major hurdle for me.
At last some conjugation instructions that make sense for my brain.
Also love the links to conjugations in the Spanish dictionary, the proverbs... Everything.
on 1599075327
Absolutely unique, first because it's the most beautiful and thought-through Anki deck I've ever seen, second because it's an incredibly efficient way to learn to conjugate.
May you have many sunny afternoons.
on 1599018866
Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this deck! I'm sure many others will appreciate it, just as I have!
on 1598998796
Looks fantastic. Diving in and updating this review later down the line.
on 1598914590
Clean and effective