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Sketch's CompTIA Security+ Acronyms 2018

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This deck contains acronyms commonly used in the field of Information Security. These terms and their definitions are important for being able to pass the CompTIA Security+ Exam.

Sample (from 302 notes)

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Front OCSP
Back Online Certificate Status Protocol.An alternative to using a CRL.It allows entities to query a CA with the serial number of a certificate. The CA answers with good, revoked, or unknown.
Front PKI
Back Public Key Infrastructure.Group of technologies used to request, create, manage, store, distribute, and revoke digital certificates.Certificates include public keys along with details on the owner of the certificate, and on the CA that issued the certificate.Certificate owners share theirpublic key by sharing a copy of their certificate.A PKI requires a trust model between CAs and most trust models are hierarchical and centralized with a central root CA.
Front RFI
Back Radio frequency interference.Interference from RF sources such as AM or FM transmitters.RFI can be filtered to prevent data interference, and cables can be shielded to protect signals from RFI.

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good descriptions
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Great job!
The acronyms are written out. But it also includes an explanation of WHAT the technology in question actually is.
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Good for community