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Python Programming Language

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Deck for remembering all the basic language features and built-in functions. Add the following line to the card styling so the code is distinguished nicely: u { font-family: courier new; text-decoration: none; }

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Front [$]\verb`global`[/$]
Back If a name is declared [$]\verb`global`[/$], then all references and assignments go directly to the scope containing the module’s global names. Although free variables may refer to globals without being declared [$]\verb`global`[/$], it would be impossible to assign to a global variable without [$]\verb`global`[/$].
Tags python
Front Bound Methods and Unbound Methods
Back Methods are either bound or unbound, referring to whether the method was accessed through an instance or a class, respectively. When a method is unbound, An explicit instance object of the unbound method's class must be passed as the first argument.
Tags python
Front Unicode
Back [$]\verb`>>> 'Hello\u0020World !'`[/$][$]\verb`'Hello World !'`[/$]The escape sequence [$]\verb`\u0020`[/$] indicates to insert the Unicode character with the ordinal value [$]\verb`0x0020`[/$] at the given position.
Tags python

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Helpful deck. Thanks
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Nice pre-built python deck containing helpful info
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Good questions!
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good job! many details
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best pre-built python deck I've seen so far

it's pretty good. some cards need more examples. But def. worth the download. thanks!