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Better Java after Two Months of Frustration

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My questions and answers about standard Java (1.6 through 1.9, focused on 1.8). This deck covers only standard Java, not libraries, extensions, or Android programming. These 1,333 questions cover the issues I had the most problems with -- particularly Java's many ways to do multithreaded programming.

Sample (from 828 notes)

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Term Remote Tea
Definition This project implements the ONC/RPC protocol for Java.
Context Java
Method -> Description y
Tags Java
Question In Java, you want to start background processes as soon as an object is created. How do you do it?
Answer Use a static factory method.
Tags Java ParallelProgramming
Description Compares two Strings, and returns the portion where they differ.
Method difference
Class StringUtils
Method -> Description y
Language Java
Tags Java

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