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Set Font Size

0.01MB. Updated 2022-05-02.


This add-on allows you to set the font size of the UI in Anki 2.1.x. Go to Tools > Add-ons > Set Font Size > Config then change the value of font_size to the desired size (in pixels). Please restart Anki after installing the add-on for the first time. This add-on was ported from the Increase Font Size add-on for Anki 2.0.x by Damien Elmes. If you would like to contribute, the source repository is available on GitHub.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1671131981
works for me
on 1667079925
Increased the font on the UI just like it claims. The small print text such as on the "add" button are now legible.
on 1662250221
on 1660574686
Does the job.
on 1656523030
Does the job
on 1654937032
very helpful
on 1651493757
I am so happy I can use it. It should be a default feature in Anki.
on 1649701880
on 1647323489
This is an amazing addon. Bravo!
on 1645248994
Great addon, but doesn't yet work on Anki 2.1.50 beta
on 1644897206
If you have a high DPI display (like a 4k monitor) on Windows 10 and some of the default fonts (but not all) appear too small, this addon may be able to fix it for you.
on 1644761496
on 1641580457
Wish I would have found this earlier!
Thank you soo much! : )
on 1635599185
Tools>Preferences>Basic>User interface size change to 150% and restart Anki 👍
on 1635039137
simple and works
on 1632958859
Works great. Perfectly fixes issue of UI text for some reason being microscopic on Windows 10. I set font size to 12 and everything looks back to normal
on 1630531428
Does not give you control to custom the font increase as you need. Makes some fonts big and ugly and some fonts remain small. Overall very ugly.
on 1630425350
Thanks. Solved my problem
on 1629346900
The developer kindly directed me to this addon to solve my issue of Anki displaying a very small font size on Windows 10, and it solved my issue! In my opinion, it should be part of Anki because its toolkit does not have a font size setting. I have never liked the User interface size in the preference. I don't want to zoom an app when all I need is to increase the font size. In the past, I read quite a few posts from other people with aging eyes. They were looking for a solution. I feel for them. Without Damien's guidance, I would never have found this add-on by myself.
on 1626975693
anki text is now big but card font is impossible to read
on 1621433641
Great working
on 1621103389
Fixed overly small font size on the UI.
on 1620451224
I didn't realize it'd change the font size of the entire app. Nice!
on 1616397891
Must have Add-on!
on 1614576474
its inbuilt but this add-on works fine aswell
Tools>Preferences...>User Interface Size
version 2.1.35
on 1613711520
works exactly as needed !
on 1612756656
I have to make my toolbar HUGE to have a decent size of my deck list but at least it works...
on 1606566682
Works perfectly!
on 1603135941
Works as expected
on 1602575534
really help me much thanxxx
on 1599709084
crashes with Version 2.1.33 (3f403040)
on 1598158077
This really works.
on 1596315458
Worked perfectly.
on 1596206080
on 1596066489
it works well with 18 font-size
on 1596021402
Latest MacOS: right after installing the plugin and restart, fonts increased everywhere. Set in settings to 75%, restarted. Now settings window and plugins window are broken, I can neither change size back nor uninstall the plugin.
on 1594024286
It could take a bigger task of collectively changing all font sizes but it's a good lacking ingredient for that soup. Thank you!
on 1591535247
Easily set font size for readability during study periods.
on 1590257575
on 1588524482
on 1587890538
This is great
on 1585782977
exactely what i needed, thanks!
on 1585185762
Works as expected!
on 1585047289
automatically chooses size 18, which is great for me
on 1583880638
works just as expected.
on 1583623896
works well
on 1581581530
For those who wanna change the size of text in browsers, the setting is under Browser > fields (right next to the "card"). and we could set the font and size of the text in browser there
on 1580452656
Doesn't change the deck list font size
on 1579980306
works for me
on 1578035714
Great so far! Is there any way to modify the add on so that you can change the font family in addition to the font size?
on 1575836940
needed!!! tyyyyy!
on 1575385328
on 1575313469
on 1572586549
Worked like a charm-- and was VERY necessary. Indic fonts were impossibly small before.
on 1571768493
Thanks a lot! Wish I had discovered it some time ago. It's going to save my strained eyes!
on 1571753808
Thank you! You saved my strained eyes.

Perfect for writing some CSS and HTML. The original text is so incredibly small for this!
on 1571298625
For japanese learners, Edit this in init.py file so the text doesn't look like shiet

def changeGlobalFontSize():
font = QApplication.font()
on 1571022966
This is awesome.
on 1570272615
Good stuff, does what it says
on 1569150696
on 1568196210
This changes the interface but not the cards. To those reading or have commented who want to change the font size on the cards, open anki and go to: 'Browse' > click on a card then click 'cards' > on the pop up look at the 'styling' box and change the number where it says 'font size'. Then just close the window and that will change the font size for all cards of that type. For me it changed them all.
on 1567525448
Thank you so much.
on 1566994976
It perfectly does what is described
on 1566914050
Works well. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
on 1566414434
can also be used to change the font to a different one: https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/ankidesktop/35355-qt-toolkit-font-rendering-regression-after-windows-update-1903#comment_47535484
on 1566228922
works like expected
on 1564121201
خیلی عالی برای من که مفید بود فونت صفحه اصلی برنامه رو مناسب دید خودم تنظیم کرد
on 1562794434
card text didn't change
on 1560658578
Changed the font size of the UI bar and settings menu without changing the font size of the deck selector or cards, basically the opposite of what I wanted
on 1560079670
on 1559145664
Increased the font size of the UI
on 1558068354
The download code no longer works. I get a 404 error when I try to download the add-on using the code
on 1557741554
Looks good, checkboxes and icons are still SUPER TINY though.
on 1556098432
Works perfectly.
on 1555769954
Can't get past the min font issue mentioned before
on 1552994607
Did what I needed.
on 1552574154
on 1552395139
on 1552218816
Not as slick as it used to be in v2. Increasing the fontsize by going into the configurations of the add-on is really cumbersome and doesn't always do what I want it to. It increases the fontsize for the whole UI, but the actual cards still show up fairly small. With the add-on I had for v2, I could use "+" and "-" to increase/decrease fontsize for cards as I was going through them, which was really useful because for some languages like Arabic I need a decidedly larger fontsize than for others, and it was nice being able to change it on the spot without the entire UI becoming comically chunky.
on 1550749803
Thanks a lot! For some reason my font size was absolutely huge after updating. I could fix it with this.
on 1550671052
great for high dpi screens
on 1548734696
Very useful! However, font_face would be really helpful too.
on 1548537003
Original UI has a very small font
on 1548526991
If you use this, you can't scale any field on your card to less than what its set at. So if you want a readable font for the UI, but a really small font for some metadata on your card, you're boned.
on 1548177289
Perfect when you're using a high DPI screen.
on 1547213053
really helpful for newer laptops
on 1547010409
Thank you. My eyes were going to prolapse if I had to look at the size 4 font much longer.
on 1545823935
Easier to read
on 1545776142
The add on "Set Font Size" changed the font size in the browser and deck screens. That definitely helped. I am also looking for a way to make the text/text area on a note smaller while leaving images as full size as possible and still having the window be full screen. Right now I can make the window smaller but text stays the same size and drops off the screen when the window gets small enough.
on 1544102468
on 1542310150
Really helpful for people with poor vision and hi-res screen! Thank you!
on 1539640445
Կարգին հավելում է: Հենց այն է, ինչ փնտրում էի:
on 1539605440
Not having to choose between huge scrollbars or tiny fonts is a glass of ice water in hell. Thank you so much for this!
on 1539286980
Another add-on which solved one of the annoying issues with Anki and should be bundled by default.
on 1538936318
Couldn't use 2.1 without it. Thank you!
on 1538379027
Great!!! I wait this add-on for a long time.
Thanks for your sharing.