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слова из английских песен с примерами и озвучкой (en-ru)

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Maroon 5 Nine Inch Nails Static-x Green Day Good Charlotte .... Обновляемая ссылка на перевод песен: http://vk.com/topic-55308304_29453763

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word heal
transcription hiːl
definition исцелять
notes Static X
example Get to the race(hate)The healing of it fucking with itConceal the scab you don't want to show (fate)Into the hate
definition 2
word makeup
transcription ˈmeɪkʌp
definition макияж
notes Green Day
example She puts her makeup onLike graffiti on the walls of the heartlandShe's got her little book of conspiraciesRight in her hand
definition 2
word but
transcription bʌt
definition кроме, за исключением, исключая
notes Maroon5
example You point your finger atEveryone % yourself
definition 2

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