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Deutsch: 4000 German Words by Frequency

45.94MB. 4222 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-05-24.
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WITH AUDIO. Over 4000 entries of the most frequently used words and collocations in the German language. All entries feature a sample sentence and German audio. Fingerprint: [PGP] "deutsch lernen" <ausgedacht@ichliebealle.de>: A2B4 0E50 4D73 8FE1 1476 CFAC A834 E62F E3C3 C0C4

Sample (from 4214 notes)

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German dazu
German Alternatives
German Hidden Alternatives
German Typing Corrects
English in addition, furthermore, to that (d~)
English Alternatives
English Hidden Alternatives
English Typing Corrects in addition, in addition
Plural and inflected forms
Plural and inflected forms Alternatives
Plural and inflected forms Hidden Alternatives
Plural and inflected forms Typing Corrects
Sample sentence Was sagt ihr dazu?
Sample sentence Alternatives
Sample sentence Hidden Alternatives
Sample sentence Typing Corrects
Part of Speech pron
Level 8
Thing 23529794
Tags Level008
German die Anlage
German Alternatives
German Hidden Alternatives Anlage
German Typing Corrects
English (sports) complex, investment, attachment
English Alternatives
English Hidden Alternatives the facility
English Typing Corrects facility, facility
Plural and inflected forms die Anlagen
Plural and inflected forms Alternatives
Plural and inflected forms Hidden Alternatives
Plural and inflected forms Typing Corrects
Sample sentence Für den Erhalt dieser Anlage wurde viel Geld gespendet.
Sample sentence Alternatives
Sample sentence Hidden Alternatives
Sample sentence Typing Corrects
Part of Speech noun
Level 61
Thing 24280995
Tags Level061
German der Bus
German Alternatives
German Hidden Alternatives Bus
German Typing Corrects
English bus
English Alternatives
English Hidden Alternatives the bus
English Typing Corrects
Plural and inflected forms die Busse
Plural and inflected forms Alternatives
Plural and inflected forms Hidden Alternatives
Plural and inflected forms Typing Corrects
Sample sentence Aufs Land fährt nur zweimal täglich ein Bus.
Sample sentence Alternatives
Sample sentence Hidden Alternatives
Sample sentence Typing Corrects
Part of Speech noun
Level 70
Thing 24476187
Tags Level070

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on 1682494310
Very good deck
on 1681752497
Would be good if the German examples had an English translation. As it stands, they are mostly useless to someone learning since I can't understand most of the phrase. Also I am very skeptical that they are truly ordered by frequency.
on 1681749763
on 1679052459
It's good but does require some tweaking as there are a lot of similar/secondary meanings that are repeated and cause confusion.
on 1677430206
on 1677185347
on 1674580180
on 1673645062
Deutsch lernen
on 1672559655
on 1671794066
on 1671225987
on 1671208949
Es ist hilfreich
on 1670449964
on 1667004846
How can you make it so that BOTH ways are tested ie BOTH english to german AND german to english!!!!
on 1664784648
on 1664175755
a very helpful deck for A2 or B1 level to increase vocabulary! Must for A2 and B1!!
on 1661941568
Really complete deck with words, examples, audio, conjugation hints and more! If images were added in the future, I would consider it (not that I don't do it already) better than any book.
on 1660633713
I want to learn this language
on 1660487307
Very useful and thorough
on 1660021226
on 1659724545
Since the native in the comment has said the accent problem, ...

--- Aug 6, 2022 ----
Additional, all is from a book named “A Frequency Dictionary of German: Core Vocabulary for Learners
By Randall Jones, Erwin Tschirner”, which is first published in 2006, from the Corpus "The Leipzig/BYU Corpus of Contemporary German".

Link :
on 1659472599
Like it
on 1656156551
on 1656111694
on 1655614768
on 1654909126
Deutsch verbessern
on 1654374158
Thank you cery much
on 1652351051
on 1650283380
Sehr, sehr gut! It helps me very much with my vocabulary! Vielen Dank!
on 1649245468
would prefer the words spoken out
on 1648935900
its very good.
on 1648697355
on 1647590838
The words in the deck are useful for daily conversations. The example sentences and the audio facilitate the learning.
on 1637244697
Good for expanding your vocab. precise and correct
on 1635787748
on 1634897428
Excellent deck
on 1633290783
Fine deck. Have been using it for some time. Lots of useful words.

Some words are too niche.
And it is very hard to search for a specific word in the deck. Not sure which of many fields I should delete to not get this problem.
on 1631648758
on 1630555842
Not sorted by frequency.
on 1630037326
Has a lot of several words phrases that are context dependent seemingly. I really wonder how they came up with this and it seems they just auto generated it from a (poor) tokenization of random texts not appropriate for learners
on 1626217565
For context: about 20% of the way through the deck doing both German to English and English to German notes.

Great frequency deck! Any beginning German learner could use this deck to see tremendous jumps in vocabulary, and get you better prepared for immersion content. The audio files have been 99% great (a small handful are so-so quality).

Cons: The example sentences are very hit or miss. Some make the word very easy to understand through context (simple sentences, easy vocab). Many, maybe most(!), use difficult vocabulary that is impossible for a beginner to understand. I've resorted to changing sentences myself for particularly difficult words for me. Some English words have multiple meanings, but the English definitions only has the word. I don't think this is a huge deal, and anything particularly egregious I again modify the card myself.

Big thank you to the creator for this deck - super useful and would recommend to everyone.
on 1625842403
very good deck and a large one!
on 1624014373
Very large database, very detailed with audio
on 1621975729
It's very complete
on 1620351697
Very useful
on 1619954705
It has a lot of repeated words, German words pronounced in English. Very confused.

There are also so many useless and empty fields.
on 1619815633
on 1616913587
on 1616800832
on 1616514028
on 1614015371
on 1613379122
on 1613234770
I like it
on 1612838331
My German has improved drastically since I started using this in August, thank you so much!!!
on 1612373219
This is very useful
on 1611541873
Audio only for the word and no translation of the sentence at all lol
Also not sorted by frequency
on 1611325844
on 1609658108
It's cool
on 1609196239
Great stuff!
on 1608480200
on 1607253416
comprehensive, with levels (as tags) and example sentences, from English to German and back.
on 1606767765
on 1606216172
so hard for beginners.
on 1604318055
Đi làm
on 1602504339
This is a really great deck! I was wondering though if anyone knows of a way to have the german word as the front of the card and the English as the back? I'm mainly trying to learn to read german so simple recall of german would be better for me than having to reproduce the german.
on 1600796066
Guter Stoff
on 1600256929
on 1599753345
Good deck
on 1597760531
on 1595531691
on 1595379884
on 1594864616
Great audio and example sentences. A very enjoyable way to learn for me!
on 1594586545
on 1593777541
on 1592762068
Really great deck!
on 1592664854
Love the example sentences
on 1592444986
native german here, i was looking for decks for my girlfriend to use.

I have looked at about 100 cards of those the audio was
80% - done by some guy with a strong russian accent
15% - text to speech
5% - native german

so i cannot recommend the audio of this
on 1590490637
very good!
on 1589548206
on 1588084106
on 1587589106
on 1585873834
Not sorted by frequency
on 1585412714
It is very useful!
on 1583752371
Das ist gut!
on 1582543142
Sehr gut.
on 1582190198
on 1581604262
on 1580769482
on 1580246730
very usefull
on 1579888714
Very useful
on 1579573740
on 1575934347
Spent about two years completing this deck. Great base list of vocabulary for learners from A1 to B2+.
on 1575684242
on 1575392667
Great job. Level A, B, C would more easy to understand. More than 100 levels doesn't make sense...
on 1575031771
The audio is awesome
on 1574428041
Good. Would like to know how list was compiled.
on 1572814703
on 1572651982
The best
on 1572507583
on 1571117485
on 1569889731
Ich brauche es
on 1567108490
great deck
on 1563965632
on 1563302514
Essai en cours
on 1562598276
I downloaded this file, but the app won't show it for me to practice, regardless of how many times I refresh or synchronize.
on 1562401850
Its great!
on 1560040223
Sehr Gut
on 1558462815
It is quite decent
on 1558269728
Perfect. Just what I was looking for.
on 1557687695
on 1556571246
on 1555691557
on 1549745980
My favorite deck by far. Excellent!
on 1545999365
no reason
on 1541371901
Great resource! Thank you for sharing it!
on 1537990976
An incredible resource to be able to easily study the frequency dictionary!
on 1535794298
The most pedagogical deck ever!!!
on 1534509240
good deck
on 1527897600
Excellent try
on 1527724800
Download doesn't work
on 1526947200
Very practical!

on 1526688000
it is very prctical
on 1526515200
on 1524268800
on 1524182400
Vast amount of vocabulary
on 1523923200
on 1523750400
Good deck, which I have enjoyed, but I would not recommend it for a beginner.

While the fact that the deck has the most common German words in order should make it ideal for a beginner, the sentences they are embedded in are often very complex and occasionally use unusual vocabulary, which severely reduces its approachability.

For example, one of the earliest sentences is "ich bin damit einverstanden", trying to teach the word "ich", "I". The natural and most common sentence to use would have been " Ich stimme zu", or "I agree". The sentence actually used translates literally to "I am with that in agreement", which is unnecessary complex for a beginner, and not the the most common phrase.

Additionally, the English translations are often inaccurate. The text is also read in a heavy, non-standard Bavarian accent. Great if you're moving there, but no so much if you want to learn standard german pronunciation.
on 1516579200
بسیار عالی
on 1516492800
Nice deck
on 1515542400
Good aplication
on 1512691200
I like Anki as a very useful tool for learning German grammar.
on 1506816000
How can i download the 4000 file? i just get the one with 20 words

on 1506038400
on 1502064000
on 1501286400
on 1501113600
I agree that this deck is not very suitable for beginners. Could anyone help me with figuring out how to reverse the cards in this or any other deck please?
on 1501027200
on 1500595200
on 1499644800
on 1498694400
on 1498521600
on 1498262400
on 1498003200
on 1497571200
on 1495065600
on 1491782400
on 1487980800
on 1485907200
on 1483574400
on 1483574400
on 1481068800
on 1478995200
on 1476576000
on 1474761600
on 1472428800
on 1470614400
on 1470528000
on 1469750400
Start with this and customize

First, the reasons why this is a good deck....

It's organized fairly well and already has the audio for every word.

Second, I would make the following adjustments:

If starting as a beginner, I would begin with concrete nouns such as mother, father, dog, cat etc. and replace the English text with German definitions and a good image from Google Images. This will prevent you from trying to translate everything when you get to the reading stage, which will slow you down and inhibit your ability to learn the language. If you come across, abstract nouns or verbs that you feel you aren't ready for, just suspend those and move onto the other ones. After a while you'll get to where you can start reading the German definitions and using them to build the rest of your vocabulary.

At the beginning of the year I kept the deck as it was and used the English definitions to get the German word, and I have to say it was the least effective language learning method of all the ones I have tried. After using pictures and removing the English definitions, it is one of the most effective (and efficient) method that I am using.

So, if you personalize this deck, and make a grammar deck to go on the side, then things will really start clicking with consistent practice. I also recommend you check out Gabriel Wyner's web page 'Fluent Forever'- It has a lot of good tips for getting you started.

on 1468800000
on 1468195200
It's not sorted by frequency

I'd like to learn words that are sorted by frequency, since the most often used are usually the easiest ones. This deck just randomly picks words so it's not recommended for a beginner to use it.
on 1465948800
on 1465084800
Horribly formatted, idiosyncratic translations

If the deck was what its title says it is, it would be amazing. Unfortunately, this is one of the most bizarrely constructed decks I've ever seen. There are dozens of fields per card, many redundant, some with hundreds of words that are unconnected (I'm assuming these might have been mechanically generated, why else would a list of political parties -- and even the DDR (!) -- show up in the 'zukunft' card?)

Although lots of this redundant information isn't visible when using the cards (so why bother?), the cards themselves have too many lines of text (examples, morphological changes, word types, etc.). The result is visually complicated, requiring a lot of work to see which bit to focus on and remember. Repeat that x4000 and you have a lot of confusion and wasted time.

In short, the deck is a mess in both construction and use.

If you know some basic html then you can trim the formatting to create something closer to functional. But the idiosyncratic translations can't be bulk corrected in this way, so the value is still questionable.

If you want something rough and ready, this will do the job after some tweaking. But really it's a shame that we are still waiting for a functional frequency deck :/
on 1463356800
on 1461715200
on 1460246400
on 1459728000
on 1459728000
on 1457481600
on 1456099200
on 1456012800
on 1455753600
on 1454716800
on 1454371200
on 1454112000
on 1452988800
on 1451692800
on 1451260800
on 1451260800
on 1450224000
on 1449014400
on 1448496000
on 1447027200
on 1446595200
on 1442102400
on 1437955200
on 1435968000
This German deck. Should I use it?

Hey, to the person below me or anyone that has a good level of german, wich words doesn't have the main definition? I am new to german and I can't possibly know if a word have the main, or just the secondary definition.

on 1434585600
Check the German word with a dictionary!

This is an excellent deck taken from a published book. However I would advise you to check the definitions provided with a good dictionary. I have noticed that a lot of the definitions provided are not the main definition of the word, but secondary, less used definitions. You will need to edit some cards to include the primary definition of the German word. Also, some of the sample sentences given for the German word are not examples of how it is used in most cases, but rather figurative secondary uses of the German word.

It's a great deck, but it can be a little misleading in some cases. So check.
on 1434412800
on 1433548800
on 1433462400
on 1430438400
Great resource

What a lovely resource. I use these cards together with Living German, Living language, Assimil, Linguaphone, Berlitz courses. These cards really help to remember most used words.