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Hiragana + Katakana + Dakuten + Handakuten + Yoon

2.55MB. 103 audio & 0 images. Updated 2018-06-11.


Basically I made a deck using all Hiragana + Katakana characters, plus their other sound when used with Dakuten and/or Handakuten, and also, the Yoon digraph. The sounds are from JapanesePod101.com.

Sample (from 211 notes)

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on 1660134929
Best deck to remember the kana, all sounds are good too, thx for sharing
on 1659723507
on 1659571225
Comprehensive kana with good clear audio. Thank you!
on 1648304413
Should have made 1 note for hiragana and Katakana, not separate notes.
on 1628683161
No reason
on 1617403487
Very good
on 1612634209
Very good for learning and practicing Hiragana and Katakana
on 1601491374
on 1599372625
This is a great deck and very comprehensive, with all the compound forms of both hiragana and katakana. I like how it has you type in the English (romaji) equivalent before you hear the answer.

It was exactly what I needed for relearning all the kana, having gotten very rusty since my childhood.
on 1595538383
on 1595251857
Exactly what I was looking for. Very useful.
on 1589478274
E bem completo
on 1587791095
Good audio, complete and simple
on 1585667848
Underrated Kana Deck. Thanks!
on 1584129284
Complete and simple
on 1570781661
Хорошая попытка
on 1569109406
I'm glad this deck is set up for the user to type in the answer.
This deck saved me some time, thank you.
on 1551194272
Good job, bro
on 1548712302
Realy great thanks!
on 1541912184
Excellent deck! I love Risa's audio files on the cards, and the completeness of the deck from Japanese Pod 101.
on 1535320755