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100 Basic Hebrew Verbs (TeachMeHebrew.com)

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This deck is for learning 100 basic verbs in Hebrew. The deck contains: -a Hebrew infinitive + 1st person past, present, and future. Four words total per card. -a voice recording of the verbs by a native Hebrew speaker, and -the transliterated pronunciation of the verbs, including underlining of the appropriate emphasized syllable. Note: In Hebrew, words are generally emphasized on the last syllable. I underlined only the syllables in words that aren't emphasized on the last syllable. The fields are {{Hebrew}}, {{English}}, {{Transliteration}}, and {{Sound}}, so you can easily change up the order if you want. For learning Basic Hebrew, I recommend following the decks in this order: 1. Hebrew Alefbet 2. 500 Basic Hebrew Words 3. 100 Basic Hebrew Verbs 4. 100 Basic Hebrew Phrases Please visit www.TeachMeHebrew.com for much more.

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Hebrew לנסוענסעתינוסעאסע
English to go, travel
Transliteration lin-so-ana-sa-tino-se-ae-sa
Hebrew להצטרךהייתי צריךצריךאצטרך
English to need
Transliteration le-hits-ta-rekhha-yi-ti tsa-rikhtsa-rikhets-ta-rekh
Hebrew להפסיקהפסקתימפסיקאפסיק
English to stop
Transliteration le-haf-sikhif-sak-timaf-sikaf-sik

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Thank you so much!
on 1673284364
Thanks a lot
on 1665475217
Very good Verbs
on 1613074791
Awesome as always! thanks for shared here!
on 1608689901
well structed, well recorded, transliteration
on 1584346351
Es muy útil, bien organizado, práctico y es de las pocas herramientas en internet que incluyen audios para aprender hebreo. Gracias.
on 1550322668
Well, it's good to learn to read and to pronounce.
However in my experience, you often end up not remembering the meaning of the verb you've learned to read and to pronounce.
It's also a lot more work than the other decks of the same type (500 words, 100 phrases...) Compared to those it takes a large amount of time to get a grasp.
I personally had to drop from 20 a day to 5... Maybe adding the English verb in the audio would help.
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