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Github Flavored Markdown (GFM)

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Simply the best set of flashcards for GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM). After memorizing the answers to the following questions, you'll be a GFM wizard! GFM is used in many contexts within github, the scope of these cards is limited to GFM markdown syntax that will render in markdown files hosted on github. Please contribute any additions or errata by submitting an issue pull request on the file. https://github.com/dmidlo/weblog/blob/master/Content/FlashcardPrep/githubFlavoredMarkdownFlashcardNotes.md

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Front How do you align the columns in a markdown (GFM) table?
Back add a colon : to either side or both sides of the tables header dashes :--- left align :---: center align ---: right align x | left alignment| Center alignment | Right alignment --- | :-------- | :-------: | ---: row 1 | *cell a1* | __*cell b1*__ | `cell c1` row 2 |__cell a2__ | `cell b2` |cell c2 row 3| *cell a3* |cell b3| _cell c3_ with the exception of headers #, Markdown styling may be applied to cell contents
Front How do you link to a Github Issue or Pull request using its RAW URL in markdown?
Back by using the issue's RAW URL in the paranthetical link definition using standard markdown link syntax [#1](https://github.com/user/repo/issues/1) [#1](https://github.com/dmidlo/weblog/issues/1) you can likewise use the biblographic reference style to link to repository files [Issue - How do you link to a Github Issue or Pull request in markdown?][#1] [#1]: https://github.com/dmidlo/weblog/issues/1 Feature: Bibilographic references are not displayed in-browser on github
Front How do you create a unordered sub-list in markdown?
Back by applying indentation within an unordered list * list item dog * list item dogName * list item dogFood * list item dogWalk * list item phone number * list item pogo-stick

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on 1676994789
Well made and structured deck
on 1613519996
A very good deck that covers details such as text align in tables.
I would just ask the creator to set the code font color to black so that it is readable both with light and dark Anki themes.
on 1578426651
a very well-made deck