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Great Works of Art

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This is a deck on major art movements, masterpieces, and their artists. It mainly includes paintings, but also comes with some sculptures here and there. The cards are divided into three subdecks: Artists, Periods, and Titles. Explore some of the most important works of art throughout history! Original author: unknown Modified and reuploaded by Glutanimate, 2017

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Artist Pierre Puget
Title Milon of Croton
Subtitle/Alternate Titles
Date 1670-1683
Period/Movement Baroque
Medium marble
Tags Sculpture
Artist Gerard van Honthorst
Title The Concert.
Subtitle/Alternate Titles
Date 1623
Period/Movement Caravaggisti, Baroque
Artist René Magritte
Title The Treachery of Images
Subtitle/Alternate Titles
Date 1929
Period/Movement Surrealism
Note The text in the painting says “this is not a pipe”. Magritte was trying to make the point that the painting was not an actual pipe, only a representation of one.

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on 1542129736
Very good deck, although there are some typos
on 1541596992
Super !
on 1533811624
Well done
on 1533281881
Well organized, comprehensive for beginners
on 1528741538
Superb collection of artworks through all of history!
on 1522886400
I have really improved my culture by using this deck. It is really awesome. Now I recognize styles and authors at the first glance.
on 1517875200
Great collection! Very helpful
on 1516924800
- Contains a number of duplicates
- Inconsistent artist names
- Answer cards often contain too much information
- Splitting this into 3 decks seems odd
on 1516579200
on 1515196800
because it is the first one.
on 1512518400
on 1511827200
very good!