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Great Works of Art

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This is a deck on major art movements, masterpieces, and their artists. It mainly includes paintings, but also comes with some sculptures here and there. The cards are divided into three subdecks: Artists, Periods, and Titles. Explore some of the most important works of art throughout history! Original author: unknown Modified and reuploaded by Glutanimate, 2017

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Artist Pierre Puget
Title Milon of Croton
Subtitle/Alternate Titles
Date 1670-1683
Period/Movement Baroque
Medium marble
Tags Sculpture
Artist Gerard van Honthorst
Title The Concert.
Subtitle/Alternate Titles
Date 1623
Period/Movement Caravaggisti, Baroque
Artist René Magritte
Title The Treachery of Images
Subtitle/Alternate Titles
Date 1929
Period/Movement Surrealism
Note The text in the painting says “this is not a pipe”. Magritte was trying to make the point that the painting was not an actual pipe, only a representation of one.

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on 1679238231
Great list!

Consider adding titles found from this meta-canon site: https://beckchris.com/visual-arts/best-works-of-art-of-all-time-the-critics-picks-part-1/
on 1670529853
Un superbe paquet, beaucoup d'informations
on 1665562624
Good to study.
on 1647724248
on 1646397409
Clearly a lot of work went into this, but quite a bit of the information is wrong. Dates, titles, artist names.
on 1643110067
Great deck
on 1636482615
Buena Informacion
on 1631044111
Good selection of famous works of art.
on 1616449365
a lot of pics missing for me
on 1614203418
Nearly every date is wrong. Many titles are wrong. Many works are falsely attributed. Some images are low resolution. There are inconsistencies in the names of the artists. There are many spelling errors. There are no sources or cited information, where did you get the information from? How did you choose which artwork to include and which to omit? How did you find the Asian art, I found almost no information on any of them online. A shame this information is unreliable, it is otherwise a great compilation. I found myself trying to update every card with the true information, but it is so hard to locate as i have not found a website that shows the accurate information and it is both very tedious and leads to a lot of dead-ends when trying to search each painting individually.
on 1612352030
I like it, thanks a lot
on 1612132601
Great selection
on 1611114207
I spent many hours building this deck when I was first getting started with Anki. Later I quit studying it, was just checking to see if it was still online. It's so exciting to see it's not only still going, but someone developed it into something useful for so many people to enjoy. Love this SRS learning community. Thanks for your hard work, everyone :)
on 1605624007
Great deck! Although, as always, you probably should double check what you are learning and flesh out the bare isolated facts. But it's also pretty amazing to notice who getting familiar with just a collection of different works manages to 'paint a larger picture'.

One work in the deck attributed to Rembrandt (Bathsheba at Her Bath) seems to actually be by Artemisia Gentileschi (Bathsheba Bathing), one of five she painted and of three that are still around.
I encourage everyone to read about here, she is super interesting

From what I gather, 'Bathsheba' a super common subject of which one of the Rembrandt's several versions is the most famous one, so it can easily get a bit confusing
on 1603051212
great for studies !!
on 1601288756
on 1600599315
Amazing - Please make more decks :)
on 1598127790
great! would recommend 5/5
on 1594554354
on 1593854277
impressively synaptic
on 1591289676
It´s amazing!!! Thanks you very much!!! Greetings from Peru!!!
on 1590691213
i like this
on 1587589268
on 1586640870
Es impresionante el tema en su belleza
on 1585738662
super helpful!
on 1584450191
on 1580181491
Great deck overall! I noticed an error: The note for Masaccio's Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden has a note saying that the fig leaves were added in 1980. They were actually added hundreds of years ago, and then removed in 1980.
on 1579021396
Artist part is really great.

I however disabled the Title and Movement parts. The former was too hard (especially as I'm not an English native) and the latter was too messy.
But super deck overall.
on 1576442293
Good this
on 1575103087
on 1569709293
Just a warning, not a TD. Be careful, some of the information is just wrong. Make sure to confirm for yourself before trying to impress someone. e.g. "Bathsheba at her Bath" by Rembrandt 1654. The photo in the card is "Bathing Bathsheba" by Artemisia Gentileschi 1650 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Paintings_of_Bathsheba_at_her_bath

"Paradise" by Tintoretto is only showing half the canvas.
Lamentation by Giotto not "The Mourning of Christ"
"The Copley Family" not "The Family Portrait"
"The Painter's Studio" not "The Artist's Studio"
"Dive Bomber and Tank" not "Dive Bomber"
Chaim Soutine 1917 not "Portrait of Chaim Soutine" 1916
"The Charging Chasseur" or "An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging"
not "Officer of the Imperial Guard"
"Witches' Sabbath" by Francisco Goya 1798 not 1789
"The Olive Trees" by Vincent van Gogh 1889 not 1888

I eventually gave up trying to get the perfect names/years and just went with it.
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for the heads-up! I hadn't gotten to that card, yet. If you find any more errors please let me know. Unfortunately it's not going to be easy to update the deck as I've added quite a few personal changes to my own local copy, but I will check if there's another more viable option for pushing deck updates.
on 1567237382
This is a fun course... I learn about new paintings. The deck is intelligently named, and I like the choice of background colours
on 1565088299
Very useful
on 1564571687
Great job!
on 1564108980
É bem completo!
on 1560933905
Great work
on 1559112769
Great deck.
on 1558979607
To learning something about art
on 1557804116
It's good overall. I've just worked my way through all the "Artist" questions. As someone whose knowledge of art basically used to extend to "the Mona Lisa is by Da Vinci", I can say this deck is rather helpful.

Are there a handful of duplicates as one commented mentioned? Yes, maybe 3, from my learning the deck.
Are there inconsistencies in artist names? On occasion. Sometimes it's "Gian Lorenzo Bernini" sometimes it's "Gianlorenzo Bernini" sometimes it's just "Bernini". There are a handful of pretty obvious typos. As long as you aren't too hard on yourself I'm sure you'll be fine.

The "Periods/Movements" section of questions is a little more off-putting as works seem to be labeled rather inconsistently. As an example, one piece by Kenneth Noland, for instance, is labeled "Color Field, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism". Another similarly-styled piece by the same artist is merely labeled "Color Field". As someone with minimal familiarity with art, I ASSUME the second piece is also one of abstract expressionism and probably minimalism. But it's hard to be sure, and it seems as though I may spend unreasonable amounts of time reciting all three, see the card actually contains only one, and uncomfortably conclude the other pieces I mentioned must also apply. Or, I produce only "color field" and decide that's adequate.

So yes, I'll give it a thumbs-up, but it's not without caveats.

"Periods/Movements" is not a section to study extensively or memorize to perfection. For one, labeling of periods/movements is rather inconsistent, as mentioned above. Secondly, it simply isn't worth the time reviewing periods/movements for every single art card when almost every piece by an artist is going to be labeled the same genre (minus perhaps Picasso, whose pieces are labeled Blue/Rose etc.). Finally, given how inconsistent and probably inaccurate the labels are, it's not as though you can have THAT much confidence a particular piece of art is or isn't something else. I'd flip through the reviews for 100 cards, maybe, then probably delete.
on 1550574747
A good recopilation!
on 1550450596
on 1548679473
I really like these cards. I always had a desire to know the well known art pieces. Thank you for sharing!
on 1548438551
Fantastic idea for a deck.
on 1548247589
Overall I like this deck, but I came here to note a piece of bad data: The painting labeled "Bathsheba at her bath" by Rembrandt is wrong. Rembrandt did do a painting by that name (and some variations with similar names), but the image attached to that card is Artemisia Gentileschi's version.
on 1542129736
Very good deck, although there are some typos
on 1541596992
Super !
on 1533811624
Well done
on 1533281881
Well organized, comprehensive for beginners
on 1528741538
Superb collection of artworks through all of history!
on 1522886400
I have really improved my culture by using this deck. It is really awesome. Now I recognize styles and authors at the first glance.
on 1517875200
Great collection! Very helpful
on 1516924800
- Contains a number of duplicates
- Inconsistent artist names
- Answer cards often contain too much information
- Splitting this into 3 decks seems odd
on 1516579200
on 1515196800
because it is the first one.
on 1512518400
on 1511827200
very good!
on 1505952000
on 1504828800
on 1504569600
on 1504483200
on 1504483200
on 1498953600
on 1493856000
on 1490918400
on 1488844800