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Chinese classifiers

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The aim of this desk is to learn the Chinese classifiers. It lists all the classifiers with their pinyin, usage pattern.

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Classifier Nominal Proper 條
Pinyin tiáo
Cantonese tiu4
Usage long, narrow, flexible objects (fish 魚/鱼, dogs 狗, trousers 褲子/裤子, etc.), also for roads 路 and rivers 河, pertaining to human lives, e.g. "兩條人命" two (human) lives, "一條心", lit. "one heart" (to work as one), classifiers for certain things like counter-measures, etc.
Tags cantonese chinese Nominal Proper
Classifier Nominal Massifier 坨
Pinyin tuó
Cantonese to4
Usage lump — mud 泥, feces 糞便/粪便
Tags cantonese chinese Nominal Massifier
Classifier Unit Time/duration 秒
Pinyin miǎo
Cantonese miu5
Usage second
Tags cantonese chinese Unit Time/duration

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