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Jp Kanji - RTK 1, 3 w/ Strokes, Koohii stories, Yomi Samples

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Simple set with Kanji's from RTK 1 (6th ed.) and RTK 3 (3rd ed.), with animated stroke diagram, Koohii stories and On/Kun Yomi with word samples. Obtained from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1999412794 thanks to all the people who contributed. The GIF stroke diagrams imported are those necessary to make KanJax type popup work, for the decks that have it enabled (those tagged with w/ Kanji Info).

Sample (from 3000 notes)

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FrameNumV6 906
Keyword approve
Meaning approve, praise, title or inscription on picture, assist, agree with
OnYomi サン
KunYomi たす.ける、 たた.える
KoohiiStory1 Out of two potential husbands, which would you approve of? Well, the one with shells (money) of course!!!
KoohiiStory2 Bush's campaign- "John Kerry approves using taxpayers' money to support gay marriage. I don't." "I approve this message".
OnWords 賛 【サン】 praise, tribute, inscription (on a painting)賛成 【サンセイ】 approval, agreement, support, favour, favor賞賛 【ショウサン】 praise, admiration, commendation, approbation自画自賛 【ジガジサン】 singing one's own praises, praising one's own wares
FrameNumV6 1366
Keyword father
Meaning father
KunYomi ちち
KoohiiStory1 Luke, I am your father. Darth Vader (really surprised nobody put this one up before: 2 laserswords).
KoohiiStory2 Not to confuse anyone, but I think if you put your mind to it, you can see the image of a father here. The first two strokes take on the form of his eye brows, and the third and fourth stroke make up the nose and mustache.
OnWords 父母 【フボ】 father and mother, parents父子 【フシ】 father and child (son)祖父 【ソフ】 grandfather, old man, kyogen mask used for the role of an old man伯父 【オジ】 uncle
KunWords 父 【ちち】 father父親 【ちちおや】 father原子物理学の父 【げんしぶつりがくのちち】 father of atomic physics義理の父 【ぎりのちち】 father-in-law, foster father, stepfather
FrameNumV6 1770
Keyword decide
Meaning decide, fix, agree upon, appoint
OnYomi ケツ
KunYomi き.める、 -ぎ.め、 き.まる、 さ.く
KoohiiStory1 "Decide!" "Decide?! Death by drowning in polluted water or death by guillotine. How can I decide?" I asked.
KoohiiStory2 To decide if someone is a witch or not first dunk them in water. If they don't drown they are a witch and can be sent to the guillotine.
OnWords 決 【ケツ】 decision, vote決断 【ケツダン】 decision, determination解決 【カイケツ】 settlement, solution, resolution可決 【カケツ】 approval, adoption (e.g. motion, bill), passage
KunWords 決める 【きめる】 to decide, to choose, to determine, to make up one's mind, to resolve, to set one's heart on, to settle, to arrange, to set, to appoint, to fix, to clinch (a victory), to decide (the outcome of a match), to persist in doing, to go through with, to always do, to have made a habit of, to take for granted, to assume, to dress up, to dress to kill, to dress to the nines, to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.), to succeed in doing, to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.), to eat or drink something, to take illegal drugs決まる 【きまる】 to be decided, to be settled, to look good in (clothes)決る 【しゃくる】 to dig out, to gouge out, to hollow out, to scoop, to ladle, to bail, to jerk (one's chin)

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on 1640960578
This deck is completely useful and I really love it, if you complan about the stories this deck is giving, you can look up on the Koohii website, there are over 20 different stories.
on 1640366608
If anyone is curious this style of GIF can be made by using the project here https://github.com/maurimo/kanimaji
on 1638600007
Excellent. Very complete and cards are only from word to Kanji as the author recommends. The gif animations are great help also. Thanks for the hard work! 😁
on 1626292742
Great deck, everything I needed :)
on 1625513868
on 1625399382
Great deck, only flaws are that the vocabulary examples are sometimes duplicate. Stories are almost always funny and worked for me, even if I had some different primitive meanings personally. Negative reviewers should just accept that people can have a different sense of humour and either edit them to their liking or stop complaining about free stuff.
on 1623937405
The deck itself is quite good, but I do agree with the previous and only negative review (the one published on 13/02/21, not the one of the idiot who wrote "Shut the f*** up").
Sometimes, it gets really annoying to continuously read such stories.
on 1620742058
shut the fuck up feminist
on 1613226841
Given vocabularies seem well organized and correct, BUT the given Stories have no humor for me at all. I would prefer not looking into a cis males head and his rotten fantasies about where to put his magic wand... Uarks!
on 1612827669
nothing better
on 1607114219
This is THE BEST kanji deck I have ever used, and indeed the only one that I ended up using. Easily editable with CSS and just amazing all around. Thank you so much for making this!!
on 1599676143
I haven't completely finished this deck yet (2000 in) but I can safely say that if you're looking for a good RTK Kanji deck, go with this one! The gifs, vocab examples, and most importantly the Kanji Koohii stories are all a great addition! And it's very aesthetic too, which is nice since you'll be looking at these cards a lot ;)

(Also I didn't have the same issue as other people where the order of the cards is off. I periodically check with the Kanji Koohii site and they all seem to match up for me... 🤔)
on 1596888005
Thank you so much,
on 1592257472
This is hilarious!

I use koohii too, but creator's curation of explanations was clearly done with the right kind of humor in mind. (As far as kanji mnemonics can get funny, that is.) I even read the koohiis of all the easy kanji too, because now I've got some ammo for when I try to convince people kanji aren't that scary and anyone can learn them.

Also, color scheme, vocabulary, gif, readings are all in there. Top notch!

And that is worth SO MUCH when you're going on a journey of studying thousands of funny-looking symbols.
on 1586046637
Diverges from RTK's order (my physical copy wasn't of the 6th edition) the more you progress.
Much of the information and some word definitions are printed twice.
The reason I stopped using this deck was that even though I didn't change the settings, the kanji I was shown after around the 500th were in an incomprehensibly random order, which for me was a deal-breaker.
on 1586031470
on 1575317055
on 1570418481
Best one, has gifs, story and everything else!
on 1565331782
on 1555547874
Love the Koohii mnemonics and word examples! 😁
on 1550084459
Mostly OK, though to be consistent with Heisig's method a lot of information needed to be deleted. I suspect this might be using ordering from a previous edition because before hitting 60 I have already found two missing kanji (#46 and #54) which will require renumbering basically the entire deck as I go.
on 1549861404
Very good
on 1539540598
The animations are very helpful, and it's great having the two stories from koohii already preloaded.
on 1534834495
Has everything you need for RTK!
on 1532513013
Very nice, where do those GIFs come from ?
on 1523750400
Thank you for the accurate and complete deck for doing RTK, it has allowed me to finally learn the kanji properly.

The only thing I want to note is: learners might want to refer to the RTK books to get the names of the non-kanji components, because the non-kanji are not in this deck.
on 1523145600
Great deck that doesn't need any customization!
on 1522972800
It's awesome!
on 1507507200
on 1499644800
on 1476835200
on 1472169600