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Bayesian Statistics: Techniques and Models

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Flashcards for the Bayesian Statistics: Techniques and Models MOOC on Coursera

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Front Define the Raftery-Lewis diagnostic
Back It defines a dependency factor [$]I[/$] that gives the relation of the number of independent samples [$]M[/$] and the required number of iterations [$]n[/$] to get [$]95\%[/$] confidence when estimating the [$]0.25[/$] quantile with [$]0.005[/$] accuracy.[$$]n = I M[/$$]
Front What is a symptom when the Poission regression does not work? What is the solution?
Back It estimates higher variance than [$]\lambda[/$]. This can mean:Bad fitData is overdispersedUse the negative binomial distribution instead as it has higher variance.
Tags Regression
Front For what scenario is ANOVA suitable?
Back When the data within groups is not correlated (e.g., Randomized Controlled Trials)

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