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English Irregular Verbs with Phonetic [Persian]

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لیست جامع افعال بی قاعده همراه با فونتیک @AtieOne @PorsaOne

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The Verb teach
V /ti:tʃ/
The Past Simple of the verb taught
PS /tɔ:t/
The Past Participle of the verb taught
PP /tɔ:t/
Translation درس دادن / آموختن / تعلیم دادن
The Verb sleep
V /sli:p/
The Past Simple of the verb slept
PS /slept/
The Past Participle of the verb slept
PP /slept/
Translation خوابیدن / خواب رفتن
The Verb feel
V /fi:l/
The Past Simple of the verb felt
PS /felt/
The Past Participle of the verb felt
PP /felt/
Translation احساس کردن / لمس کردن

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